Making Your Big Idea A Reality

How to Stop Thinking About What You Want To Be and Become It!

Scaling a mountain

Mountains were created by Mother Nature. Mother Nature likely stood back and admired her work, much as we do, today.

It's one thing to admire the grandeur of mountains. It's another to know you have to scale one. 

When you become an entrepreneur, you'll scale many mountains. And, you might not admire all of them!

The trick is to imagine how beautiful the view will be at the top of the mountain. Imagine how your struggle will be so satisfying you will be able to tell all your friends and family how you did it - yes, you! You saw the challenge, and you reached the summit, and you deserve in bask in the accolades. 

Not a mountain climber? That's okay. The story applies, regardless. It's a matter of thinking about what you need to do - what metaphorical mountain you might need to climb; then being determined to achieve the result, and doing everything you can to succeed. Sort of like the story of the little engine that could.

"I think I can, I think I can," said the little engine that could. As women, as mothers or aunts or best friends, we've all read the story to kids we love. The story of The Little Engine that Could inspires everyone to persevere and move forward. When you think you can, you can. No mountain can ever stand in your way!

But, thinking isn't enough, is it? I spent a good bit of my life thinking I would be a writer. I would write novels that the whole world would read and I would go to book signings and have a loft in NYC and I would be wildly successful. 

I Am an Entrepreneur

I started pursuing this desire in 7th grade. I wrote novels. I wrote short stories. Over time, I got some of my work published that sure felt good! But, as I sit here today, I confess that I am not a novelist. I never wrote a best seller. I never attended a book signing.

Somewhere, along the line, I got halfway up the mountain and took a detour, around the mountain, instead.

Today, I am a business leader. I am an entrepreneur. And, I love it! Am I wildly successful? You bet I am!

As am entrepreneur, I write all the time. Over the years, my writing has brought me recognition, accolades, and friends. And of them all, I value my friendships most! 

My desire to write brought here, to this moment, this day. I achieved that long-desired goal, in a different way, but I wouldn't change a thing! And, I still might write that novel!

This is your moment for your talent and magic to make you money.

I am certain the baby boomer women's market it full of creative, talented women who make magic out old boxes and string. It's not something I THINK. It's something I KNOW.

I talk to many talented, inspirational women every week. Women are eager to lend their expertise to the world, to make it a better place. Women with passion and determination!

I suspect you might be one.

Of course, thinking about the wonderful things you'll do as an entrepreneur, a talented woman in your second act, will not move you closer to your goal. Even unspoken goals need action! 

Woman in her second act

It's time to be a little wayward, perhaps. Wayward and determined and full of spunk. 

Don't let the mountains stand in your way.

We'll talk more about this - how to build that confidence to scale those mountains - in other posts on this blog.

Visit our YouTube channel for great videos of women who have climbed the mountain, sometimes more than once. Women just like you. 

Tell me a story about the mountain in your path... the comments are open. 


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