Making Your Big Idea A Reality
Why Hope is Not a Plan and What To Do About It

Asking the Right Question at the Right Time is a Foundation of Big Idea Success

Smart talented women and big ideas

What, exactly, is your big idea? I'm listening. Do tell. Oh, but first, read the story below.

Many years ago when I was first starting out with a big idea of my own, I was approached by a friend to become part of a CEO group he was starting. I'd heard about such groups - gatherings once a month with 10-12 Chief Executive Officers or the equivalent executive, to share ideas and help smooth the bumps and stumbling blocks of starting a new business. 

I never thought I'd be part of such a group. I wasn't a CEO. I was and still am an entrepreneur. I was happy with the peer learning. I had at two active networking groups I belonged to.

Becoming part of something that brought talented, creative, smart people together in smaller groups terrified me! After all, I was a little fish in a big pond. I was pretty sure the executive in the group would swallow me whole, without a thought.

Little Fish, Big Pond, Scary Thought!

My friend, who saw more in me than I saw in myself, said, "Why are you hesitating?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure it's for me, " I said. I couldn't look him in the eye, lest he see my fear.

"What if it is?" he said.

"I can't afford it," I said, falling back on the tried and true answer to any given opportunity. Not having funds is always a good excuse, isn't it?

"What if you could?" he said.

"I'm just starting out," I said, with a sigh. "I don't think I have much to offer."

"What if you did?" he smiled.

And so on. To every objection I made he gave a question I couldn't answer.

The questions led me to understand that I was not giving myself credit. I soon understood that the group was a valuable opportunity and I wouldn't know how well I would do in it, until I tried.

There Is No Try, There is Only Do!

You know who said that. Yoda said that. And while it's true, the opposite is true, also.

You must try in order to do. 

When the Universe puts opportunity in front of you, you must take that first step forward into the unknown, and try your mightiest to then take that next step, and that next step. And by golly, you will now be in "doing mode."

Another mentor of mine taught me the value of "Thinking. Being. Doing."

In the beginning of our journey, we entrepreneurs think we can.

We move from thinking to being when we accept the challenge of starting that small business.  And, of course, doing follows.

At Nurturing Big Ideas, we've turned that concept on its head a bit. We teach you how to Believe in it. Build it. Become it. 

You think about it a bit. You think about that entrepreneurial idea. That big idea. After awhile, you believe in it. 

Believing in it nudges you to build it.

Once you've built it, you become it. 

Any Questions?

I'm sure you have lots of questions. For example:

I don't know how. 

What if you did?

I don't have enough cash.

What if you did?

I am terrible at time management.

What if you weren't?

I urge you to ask yourself these questions and more.  Always write down your answers. Writing provides clarity.

I offer you my consulting - maybe starting with a Discovery Call?

Share your questions in the comments. Visit our Facebook page and Like, if you like. DM me for more information on Discovery Calls.  

Ask questions


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