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September 2018

On the table was a large, mostly unfinished, puzzle. A work of art; the puzzle of my life. One corner was complete and much of the edge down the right side was complete. I saw pieces of my life that I had forgotten about. And, scattered everywhere, I saw more pieces of my life, waiting to be added to the puzzle. Read more →

And, on my journey, I've learned that many of the phenomenally talented women out there need a helping hand. I don’t sit around ‘hoping’ you’ll ask us for that helping hand. I work on my offers, my website, my social media channels, and the new book I'm writing. I do it as I plan on being there for you, when you need me. Read more →

To every objection I made he gave a question I couldn't answer. The questions led me to understand that I was not giving myself credit. I soon understood that the group was a valuable opportunity and I wouldn't know how well I would do in it, until I tried.  Read more →

Since my breast cancer diagnosis I have embraced the Chinese proverb, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago." Why? Because I can talk about something -- a plan, a dream, a goal -- for a year (as an example). At the end of that year, if I am no closer to bringing it to life then I have wasted a year on the growth of my "tree."  Read more →