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Big Ideas and Life Events

Big ideas and life events robbi hess

Guest blogger: Hi, my name is Robbi and I am a new grandmother!

Yes, I realize I am not the first baby boomer to become a Grandmother, but holy wow is it an incredible feeling. I now know why my mother loved, loved, loved wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts that proclaimed to the world that she was “The best grandmother in the world” and other such sentiments.

To honor my mother, who passed two years ago, and because I want to foster the same relationship with my new grandson that my daughter had with my mother, I am going to be called Mema. It was what Alexa came up with when she was old enough to call my mom something. I know my mom loved it. She loved having something “different” to be called other than grandma.

Alexa and my mom were so close. It helped that my mom babysat both of our children from the moment they were born until they were old enough to not need babysitting. Both of my parents were involved in the lives of our children. They attended every school event and sports event. Not a holiday passed without my parents in attendance.

I remember at one point bemoaning the fact that we just didn’t get a chance to have “our own” Christmas morning because my mom and dad needed to be there the moment we woke up to see what Santa had brought. The first Christmas they weren’t there tore a hole in my heart. I didn’t realize what a part of my life, and my kids’ lives they truly were until they were no longer there to share in it.

Not being a pesky Mema

Our baby grandson, Atlas Edwin, spent the first few days of his life in the NICU so his kidneys could be monitored. He was born three weeks early - not too early, but enough that one kidney was of concern. I was at the hospital when he was born — in the room to see him come into the world. Let me tell you, that was a gift like no other that Alexa and our son-in-law Cody, gave me.

I saw him every day in the hospital. When they brought him home, Alexa and Cody asked that they have a few days to just be a family. No visitors. No interruptions. They wanted to get into their own routines. We honored that and the separation was made easier because Alexa sent us so many photos of that little guy.

When we visited him, I couldn’t stop marveling at what a wonder he was. I truly believe I didn’t appreciate the gifts that my children were when they were born because it was exhausting being a new parent. Now I can simply revel in the wonder that is that baby boy.

I call and ask, “Is it all right if I come hug the baby for a minute?” She says yes and over I go to hug and kiss and watch the adorable faces he makes. I am in heaven.

Robbi Atlas baby

What does this have to do with big ideas and life events?

My mind has been racing with ideas. My thoughts are overflowing with blog ideas, the plot for my NANOWRIMO story, tentatively titled, “Teacups, Tarot & A New Chapter.”

I don’t know why I feel so inspired. Not certain why my “idea notebook” that I carry around with me all the time is getting so much use these past weeks.

Is it the new life in my life that is sparking my ideas? Is it the idea of “holy shit, I’m a grandmother — how did I (and my daughter) get old enough to be a mother and grandmother?” Is it a combination? I don’t know, but I am working on big ideas, overflowing with creativity and creative thoughts.

Surprisingly I am sleeping well and my mind on its usual hamster wheel feels sated when my head hits the pillow.

Who knows, maybe I am feeling a creative spark and getting stuff done because I know in a few months when the new parents go back to work, I will be babysitting little Atlas so I need to be more productive now? Not sure the reason, but I am going to embrace it, write, let the ideas continue to flow and nurture them as long as they’re coming to me fast and furious!

What sparks your creativity? What drains your creativity? How do you find a balance?

Share some grandmotherly stories, or any stories you like, in the comments below. 


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