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How To Beat Procrastination & Realize Your Big Idea

Crush procrastination

by guest author, Robbi Hess, 30 Minute Solopreneur

What happens when you procrastinate? Here are a few things you will experience:

  1. Self doubt

  2. Anger

  3. Guilt

  4. Frustration

  5. Excuse-making

Every time you put something off you experience one or more of these emotions. When you procrastinate constantly you are damning your productivity to purgatory.

 To crush procrastination you need to understand what kind of procrastinator you are. There is more than one kind!

  • The dreamer. You’re not detailed oriented. You see the big picture, but you aren’t great at putting steps in place to make your big picture idea a reality. You have so many ideas that you feel frozen in place to make any of them happen.

  • Perfectionist. You can’t imagine moving forward until you have every detail nailed down. If you can’t follow the thread of your idea from thought to ultimate completion, you won’t move forward for fear of making a “mistake.”

Fretter. You worry about every little detail. You’re unable to make a quick decision. When you do make a decision you fret it’s the wrong one. You’re reluctant to take a risk and this means you don’t take action.
  • Crisis mode. You believe you work better “under pressure.” You’re the type person who puts a project off until an hour before the deadline. No one truly works well in crisis mode.

  • Over-achiever. You say “yes” to everything. You put your own wishes and ideas on hold because someone else asked you to do something else. You put everyone else’s needs before your own. Whether you’re doing this to be a people pleaser or if you’re putting off working your own projects is something you need to sort out.

Now that you know your procrastination type, here are ways to beat through the procrastination wall and get stuff done!

Tips to beat procrastination

 Routines matter. If you have a routine or if you put routines in place you will accomplish more. Your Big Idea will become a Big Reality if you have a routine for completion.

 Routines eliminate procrastination. If you have a routine to:

  1. Get out of bed

  2. Eat breakfast

  3. Write

You will get in the habit of doing just that. Having a routine also eliminates decision fatigue. Hey, I eat the same breakfast almost every day simply because I don’t want to get up and try to decide what to have. Knowing I will have one egg, a half a bagel, coffee and read the paper before I start my day gives my brain a breather and lets me get to work without having had to fret about any decisions no matter how small.

 Eliminate the “I don’t have time” excuse. When you have a routine that means you have taken specific steps to assure you DO get to those particular items on your to-do list. You won’t say, “I don’t have time” because you have made time.

 Write down your to-dos. Whether you use electronic task lists or write it in a notebook or in a calendar writing items down lets you “check them off.” Writing to-dos down keeps what you’re accomplishing on a daily basis – front and center. When you write down the small steps in a large project they seem more manageable.

 Give yourself grace. Not every day is going to be a winner. Know that up front. Sometimes you will get pulled in directions you hadn’t planned for. You will get pulled into family drama, work phone calls or you simply won’t feel good. Move your items to a different day and start fresh. I also recommend making note, on those days when you’re not productive, as to what the extenuating circumstances were.

 Do you procrastinate? Do you know why? What can you do today (don’t put it off until tomorrow!) to make steps to make your Big Idea come true!? I’d love to know.


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