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We have more opportunity now than ever before to turn our disappointment into a paid hobby that supports us as we dance and sing into our senior years. Why shouldn’t we dance and sing and skip our way into our 70s and 80s and more? We have all the answers now. We aren’t the frivolous children of the flower power years, imaging that the world would stop just for us.We’re grown women. We understand the talents and magic in our fingertips. We’re full of experiences and knowledge we never imagined having, all those long years ago. Read more →

Desire is most often equated with a wish – a strong want or feeling. You can check out for more insight, if you like. For me, the word works because we baby boomer women (and not a few millennial women) have a great desire to increase our income in 2019 and beyond. I suspect some of us don’t have an income – if you discount social security, which is isn’t income, it’s money being repaid to us – so we’d like to create an income. Read more →

This book review of author Paula Munier’s book, A Borrowing of Bones, comes as an offering. To those baby boomer women, and everyone they know. Because fiction is the home of creativity. Fiction is a universe of its own. Fiction is where we learn about ourselves and our reaction to stories, characters, heroes, villains, and all the crowded spaces between. Read more →