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How To Market Your BIG Idea

Marketing big idea

by guest author, Robbi Hess, 30 Minute Solopreneur

When you’ve come up with a brilliant idea that you can pursue as a second act career or nurture as a big idea you also need to know how to market your big idea. When I used to teach writing classes to adults, there would always be one person in the room who would say “I have a manuscript in my desk drawer and keep hoping it will get published.” I always wondered, “How will it get published if it just languishes in your desk drawer?”

I don’t think that too many successful people found success by “hoping” someone would knock on the door and say, “hey I heard through the grapevine that you have a great idea!” You need to market your idea BUT don’t let the word “market” scare you!

How To Market Your Big Idea

If lack of confidence is holding you back – hey, it’s scary to go out and say, “Hey look at me! I started a business!” If you’re selling a service you may find it even more difficult because service providers are typically selling themselves.

Market big idea

Here are three ways to build confidence and market your big idea.

  1. Take control of opportunities. Don’t let indecision and fear of being an impostor hold you back. Grab hold of opportunities. Don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking, though. You need to make your own luck!

  2. Make your business attractive. Dress it up! Get an inexpensive logo and business card designed. Build a website. Choose colors, and images that speak to you and represent what you do. Get some head-shots taken and put them on your website, social media pages and even your business cards.

  3. Practice your pitch. You don’t want to rehearse a pitch to death, but you want to be able to say who you are, what you do and whom you serve if you’re asked. If you have a tagline, work that into the conversation. Remember, business building is about relationship building so don’t continually pitch yourself and your business. That’s obnoxious.

 In order to garner attention for your new big idea, you may want to blog about it, write a book about it, share information on social media. Build relationships for your business by making connections and building relationships. Nurture your big idea by nurturing potential contacts and potential clients.

What is your big idea? Are you ready to launch? Are you in the planning and exploration stage? We can help nurture your big idea to fruition!


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