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On Being Humble

Most of the women I meet, who are on this remarkable journey of discovery and delight, are humble. They aren’t used to promoting their talents, their magic. Instead, they shake their heads and mumble things like,

“It was nothing.”

“I just kinda threw it together.”

“Anyone could do it.”

I gently remind them that it isn’t nothing! The wonder of their creation is amazing and remarkable, whatever it is. It came from their creative spirit. And, they should proudly lift their heads up and say so.

Sometimes, I give them the appalled look of, “what? you just threw that together?”, after which I am always met with full eye contact and a little louder voice that says, “Well, no. I worked on it for three days…” and, the real story then comes out.

“If anyone could do it,” I might say to those who tell me anyone could do it, “why don’t they? Oh wait, it’s because you did it. It’s all you. It’s truly unique and special, because of you.” And they smile. Sometimes they nod. Often, the light goes on and they recognize the work of art they’ve created is one of a kind.

On Staying Focused

One might think being remarkable is a one time occurrence. The very word tends towards the one-off kind of event, something extraordinary, as our thesaurus tells us.

But, on that road, traveling towards being remarkable, it’s important to gather the right tools, the right ideas, the right support. You don’t want to pick every flower, or gather every neatly designed stone, or wander through fields of clover to orient your thoughts.

You want to be focused.

Only gather the stones and flowers that pertain to your design. Let the others lie.

Only pause in clover fields, now and then, if you need to untangle your thoughts about the product you’re creating. This work of art, this thing of magic - it becomes marketable when you take the time to focus not only on what it is, why you’re creating it, but also who it’s intended for.

If you focus - on the beauty and the colors and the design and the purpose, and pause now and then to remember the market you will be offering it in, you will turn your magic into money.


On Staying Kind

I find it remarkable that kindness lives on in more hearts and souls than are counted in the grains of sand on a beach.

So many of us value kindness, but don’t always talk about it.

In my world of BlogPaws, where my pet bloggers live and write and share, we promoted kindness to animals on a daily basis. Why? Because animals are innocent souls who have no voice. It’s up to us to speak for them, and when we speak, we speak the music of love.

Butterfly effect

In the greater world, there is anguish, and despair, and heartbreak, more than enough to go around. But, in the spaces between the shouting, or on the edges of shadows thrown by tall buildings, we see average citizens handing out coats, and mittens, and socks, to the homeless. We see children raising money on their birthdays to help animals or other children. We see and applaud the kindnesses of strangers, because it’s part of being human.

The world is such a remarkable place. Within your neighborhood, your small community, your home, the kindnesses you do flutter in the atmosphere like beautiful butterflies, intent on spreading the glow each act of kindness creates.

No journey on the way to being remarkable can succeed without kindness.

On Being Hopeful

“Hope springs eternal.”

Such a common phrase. And still, as popular as it is, few of us know its origin.

The phrase is a shortening of the line "Hope springs eternal in every human breast,” from Alexander Pope’s poem, Essay on Man. How interesting, don’t you think, that we still share a phrase from a man who wrote poetry in the 16th century?

But truth does not die. The human condition is one of fierce verve, and courage, and passion. We resolve to never give up hope, no matter the cost.

In business, I can tell you that hope is not a plan. You cannot hope to succeed. You must plan for that. But, hope is a challenge to new small business owners, or start-ups. Especially when cruel time withholds success from them.

No matter. Regardless of time or other challenges, be it health or income needs or investment losses, the small business owner, the entrepreneur, the artist (as all small business entrepreneurs are) rises each day and starts with a modicum of hope. Sometimes more than a modicum.

So, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe would have us believe, “Nothing is worth more than this day,” I advise all women in their second act, no matter any other circumstances in their lives, to grasp the eternal belief in hope, and use it to their best advantage.

In other words, on this day, not on yesterday or tomorrow, you must be hopeful, you must be kind to yourself, and your must focus on the journey - because you are already remarkable.

Happiness, I believe, is found along the way. Not at the end of the road.

Now, isn’t that remarkable? What brought you happiness today? The comment section is open...


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