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The Hero's Journey Begins With You

Heros journey begins with you

We’re big on storytelling, we folks who like to write. Stories are our lifeblood. Many of us study a mythic concept called “the hero’s journey”. It’s somewhat complicated and requires years of study to fully understand. But, it bears witness to all storytelling in one way or another.

Today, we’re learning from business leaders across the spectrum that the hero’s journey applies to starting and creating success in business also. And, from my perspective, the hero’s journey begins with you.

Let’s take a peek into the literature definition of hero’s journey.

The hero begins on a journey, faces trials and tribulations, and returns triumphant. Oh, if only it were that simple!

  • Within the story, we have an archetype or reoccurring pattern of behavior. Think: damsel in distress and cowboy to the rescue.

  • There’s the actual hero - he (or she) rescues us, whether we deserve it or not.

  • Of course, there’s a villain. The most common villain in today’s memory is Darth Vadar.

  • We won’t go into the mentors, the heralds, the guardians, shapeshifters, tricksters, allies, and, of course, animals - who might represent any of the descriptors here. For our purposes, the reoccurring patterns, the hero, and the villain are sufficient.

Hero journey customer success

Which do you think you are?

You are part of each. At the start of your venture, whether it’s designed to be a full-blown business or just a side hustle, you are the damsel in distress. You need help, recognition, support, and customers. Your cries for such need to be loud and clear.

At some point, you become the villain if you hold too tightly to your big ideas and your desire to make a lot of money. A business exists to fill a vacuum, to provide a solution, to solve a puzzle. If you are not doing those things, you are withholding success and the villain in you has taken over.

Ah, the hero. Here is where you can shine. You can be the hero and you can allow your clients/customers to be the hero. tells the story of how to do this very well in their short article, Make the Customer the Hero.

In my many years of doing business, I have taught and advised clients to tell the story of you. Tell us who you are. Tell us about your childhood desire to be something, to be somebody, to break free from society’s demands, to be your own person.

“We want to know about you,” I would tell my clients. “Tell us about your dreams. Share some failures. Be real.”

Journey arrive direction strong

But there is more to this story than that.

In this, the decade of social, you must show us, on your about page, and in your sixty second commercial, how your customer is the true hero of your journey. Never forget it’s your hero’s journey, but on this path, you must attract the people who need or want your products/services and what better way to do so than to share the hero’s journey with them?

Instead of saying, “I help women who want to diet, lose weight and become more confident”, you might say, “Women who work with me lose a full dress size by learning to love themselves, first, and food last.”

Do you see how the second sentence is about the women you help, not about you?

Instead of saying, “I help organize your closets, your office, your kitchen, or any other room in the house, to give you control over the things you own!” , you could say, “Our clients feel a sense of freedom once we organize and minimize clutter in their homes. They tell us how it also helps declutter their minds, too.”

As I’ve said for years, it’s about them, not about you.

Believe in it. Build it. Become it.

At Nurturing Big Ideas, our clients  learn to believe in themselves, to build dreams into reality, and to become the women of distinction they always dreamed of being. 

We hear things like, “This makes me so excited!” Excited to create more product and connect with more customers!

And, “I know I can do it, now.” Do the deed, build the process to success, learn to listen to customers with an open mind.

And, “All I needed was a vision forward. Now I have it. I cannot fail!” A vision of getting it done, becoming the success that always seemed just out of reach.

The hero’s journey begins with you because you are the business-owner. You saw a need and filled it. You took a talent and expanded it. You took a risk to become a woman of substance.

And now, allow your customers their recognition as the hero in your life.

Need help nurturing your big idea? I am at your service.

Leave us a comment. Tell us what you think of the quote shared in this post. Does it sound like you?

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