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Big Ideas In Books: Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki

Jackie Chan Guy Kawasaki

You don’t say no when Guy Kawasaki asks if you’d like to review his new book.

Well, maybe you do. Maybe someone else does. I don’t. I know the book will be a treat. I know the book will teach me something valuable. I know the book will be well done and worth my time.

This book, Wise Guy, is top notch. It’s not so much a story of Guy (although it is) as much as it’s a story of a young man who had dreams to fulfill, and whose family supported him in those dreams. Oh, not without conflict, mind you. Just as we all have conflict in our lives, so did Guy.

I especially loved his honest insight into a world I see only from the sidelines. Yes, I’ve visited Hawaii. But, I didn’t interact with folks there, as it was a wedding visit and we spent time only with family while we were there. Guy - he grew up there. He shares some wonderful stories and a good bit of insight into the difference between us (who don’t live there) and the populace, the good folks who do.

You Cannot Read Guy Kawasaki and Not Learn Something

I had no expectations from this book. It didn’t think it would teach me anything as I knew it was about him, not about a business topic or a learning solution to a problem I had. And yet, I discovered differently almost from page one.

You cannot read a Guy Kawasaki book and not learn something. Wise Guy is no different. As I read, every morning, hurrying to my computer so I could take that half hour before anything else (well, I got coffee first, of course), to be inspired again, I was fully awake and ready for my lesson. (want to learn from Guy? Go here…)

Use Stories Quote - Guy Kawasaki - Wise Guy

The wisdom in the book, not just through the many stories shared, but at the end of each chapter, grabbed me every time. I wrote down many quotes, I took notes on his story about being named after Guy Lombardo, about using the “so what” test, about a book that changed his life.

This is writing at its best. This is how you convey a message. You tell a good story. Not just any story. A good story.

Not a memoir, but a memory, or two or three.

Not a fast read, but a gentle stroll into the life of a man who helps you laugh and cry and sing, about yourself, because he does so about himself.

Not a business book, but a book about the business of life, where our work and our play intertwine. Where family is everything, and daughters rule.

On Being Approachable

This is the same man I interviewed many years ago on my Lipsticking blog. This is the same approachable man who values friendships and relationships and loves working with the little guy as much as he loves rubbing shoulders with giants. How delightful is that?

I recommend this book for your summer reading. I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy it as I have enjoyed it. Buy it on Amazon or visit his book page and see other places to get the book. I do not receive a commission on this. I don’t ask you to buy it so I will get ‘my share.’ I have received my share - in being asked to review the book at all.

It’s a treasure to keep, and perhaps, read again, when life might be a bit challenging, or the Universe is throwing spitballs at you. Let these stories remind you that we are all in this together.

Enjoy my slide show, below, which includes far more than I have put into this little post. And, as always, leave a comment below. For me. For Guy. For yourself. Truth is, it’s all about you, in the end. If you don’t know what I mean by that, send me an email and we can talk.

Read more reviews on Amazon. You’ll be glad you did.

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