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Big Ideas In Books: Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki

Big Ideas in Books : Write Your Book in a Flash by Dan Janal

Big ideas in books

Are you a reader? I am. I’m so much of a reader that you seldom see me without a book in my hands. I read for several hours every day, generally before I go to sleep. I can read with the TV on, or watching the grandkids, or just in the quiet of my bedroom, when peace is all I seek.

I am fortunate that my reading, and my writing about books I’ve read, has inspired publicists and writers and serious authors to send me their books for review, now and then. While I seldom turn down free books, I will be frank and honest in saying I do not review books I did not like. I am not in the business of telling anyone why she should NOT read a book.

My business is about helping and sharing. So, if I do a book review, it means the book was worthwhile. When I recommend that you buy it, it’s because I feel it’s a worthwhile book to read. I don’t do it for any other reason.

I am so fortunate that being offered and then receiving so many truly great books led me to create a new video series here called Big Ideas in Books. The video isn’t of me doing a live review, although that may come to that in time. For now, I am capturing specific ideas, writings,and shares within each book and presenting it all in a slide show, which I do narrate.

Why a slide show? Because it’s easy and it conveys the message in a manner that gives the reader/listener a change to fully understand the message. You do know that reading and listening and writing, together, helps cement a message far better than any one of them by itself, don’t you? Well, if you didn’t, you do now.

In this week’s review, I’ve shared my thoughts and a small bit of the actual content from Dan Janal’s book, Write Your Book in a Flash - The Paint-by-Number System to Write the Book of Your Dreams - Fast!

Your thoughts and comments are encouraged.

Tell me about the last good book you read.

Tell me about the book you’re planning to write.

Enjoy the review, and once you buy the book and have had a chance to read it, come back and tell me all about your experience with it. Good stuff!

Stay tuned for reviews on books by great business professionals and writers, Guy Kawasaki, Pamela Wilson, and Dorie Clark, among others.



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