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Big Ideas In Books: Inventing Joy by Joy Mangano

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Joy Mangano’s book, Inventing Joy, inspired me in so many ways, I don’t think I can put them all in one blog post. In fact, I decided she would be one of my first video book reviews and she is. She’s #3, and she’s out of order because… I can’t count. Yes, you may laugh.

This Big Ideas in Books review brings the word ‘defiant’ to us because that’s what Joy Mangano of Miracle Mop fame tells us to be: DEFIANT!

You’ve heard me say, more times than I can count. on my blogs or in more interviews than I can count, that being wayward and determined is a POSITIVE way to be, but I never told you to be defiant.

That is on me! Defiant is what you should be, especially if you can be defiant the way Joy Mangano is. She was out there 25 years ago showing the world that she would not be denied the fruits of her passion, the joy of her life, or the success she deserved.

I know 25 years seems like a long time, but for those of us who have been working on our passion for that long and longer, it’s just a blink of an eye. In some respects. Joy mangano being defiant book review


In other respects, 25 years can be the entire history of our young lives. The trials and tribulations we endured! The laughter we fit in, between the tears. The full on waywardness of our personalities, where we were more than determined, we were stubborn and capricious and headstrong - strong words that defined how we looked at life. And all the years we spent wishing and hoping, wondering when our time was going to come.

I think it has arrived!

Sharing is Caring - And This is Definitely Worth Sharing

I embraced my waywardness early on, and meet so many of you who are only now beginning to understand that you can be wayward and DEFIANT and that’s why I urge you to both watch this video and share it with family and friends across social.

Early on, I mentioned how and why Joy is so famous. I almost didn’t want to say the words “miracle mop” because she is so much more than that one accomplishment.

Joy is accomplished in life and business and sales and relationship building and she is the first to tell you that life and work are two parts of each of us. We are not this or that, we are … a wonderful concoction of delight. If we learn to use our talents well, we can take that delight to its proper result - a life of joy.

I wish I could buy a copy of this book for every woman I know. It’s that wonderful.

Since I can’t, I hope you enjoy the review and will buy the book and share your thoughts about it. Before then, comment below. Your gut feeling after you see the video slide show is so important and valuable!

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