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How to Laugh Louder and Live Better as an Entrepreneur

Laugh louder live betterGood morning, entrepreneur! Or, small business owner. Or, solopreneur. Good morning to you, whatever you call yourself on this beautiful March morning in 2019.

I hope you do laugh louder and live better, as an entrepreneur. But, if you need a little instruction on that, let me help.

Nurturing Big Ideas wants you to be the success you’ve always dreamed of being. But, we don’t want you to struggle so terribly that you give up. Too many of us share our trials and tribulations as if they are badges of honor, and perhaps they are. “Look at this,” we say, proudly showing off our bruises and scrapes, as if the scabs are proof that we’re on the right track.

More important than any scab, any bruise, any bloody knee, is the laughter and joy at accomplishing a goal - knowing the trek, no matter how hard, was worth it.

Where do you find this laughter? How does being an entrepreneur make a better life for you?

You find it in discipline and focus

  1. Create a daily routine that supports your weekly goals. Get up, savor your coffee or tea, and spend at least 10 minutes in a task you love. Whether that’s reading a book, writing in a journal, just staring out the window at your backyard; let yourself greet the day with joy. Don't worry because you didn’t complete a necessary task yesterday. Put yesterday where it belongs, in the past.

  2. Review your list from the day before. Underline the necessary tasks, and start with the one that most appeals to you. Remember - always do what’s necessary first. If it’s a task you dislike, ask yourself why? Make an outline of how to complete it, and get it off your list.

  3. Pause for breakfast. While eating breakfast, look at email, or read a blog. Take a good half hour to let your body digest its food, while your brain digests what you’re putting into it. Don't watch the news! I used to do this and it just gave me heartburn! 

  4. Build your confidence. Even the best of us have moments of worry and dismay. Confidence is a fleeting friend, at best. At worst, it’s a game changer, in the wrong way - whispering negative things in your ear! Your game is to laugh and love and live, and turn your dreams into cash! Be confident about that. Learn how to raise your confidence level If necessary, call a friend. I often tap into my daughters. They remind me that I have created a good bit of success in my life and I can reinvent myself yet again, if I choose. (watch for our confidence builder ebook - coming out soon!)

  5. Become a mentor. I know, how can you mentor someone when you’re just learning the ropes yourself? It’s easy. At your next networking event, or luncheon, mention that you’re open to mentoring. Be open about your talents, but also, be confident in your experience and background. You are smart! You got this! (and remember, you learn as much as you teach, when you mentor - they have insights to teach also).

  6. Volunteer. Amanda Ponzer wrote a fantastic blog post about this on the Lipsticking blog, back in 2011. That may seem a lifetime ago, but it was just yesterday in concept. The act of volunteering, anywhere (animal shelters always need volunteers), is a gift your give yourself.

  7. Watch a cute cat video. Those are always uplifting. Always worth a giggle. Me, I love the Maxine cartoons. Which one is your favorite? Mine is when she says, “It’s kind of hard to remember things you didn’t care about in the first place.” I have it as a magnet on my refrigerator so I see it every day. And every day it makes me laugh.

  8. Accept the little setbacks and ‘failures’ as learning events, not dire predictions. When you fail, or can’t achieve that ultimate goal for one reason or another, it only means you have more learning to do. Read a book or a relevant article online; Google exists to help you with this.

  9. Get creative! Design a new product. Improve your services package. Design and write an eBook about your challenges. Joy always brings laughter and happiness, and if you love what you do, if your entrepreneurial endeavor brings you joy, why not take advantage of it?

  10. Give something away for free! I promise you, giving products or services away for free, on a limited basis, is one of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself. I’m not saying give away the store! Gosh, I want you to make money this year, so don’t hand out too much of that candy! Be selective an inviting.

These ideas are but a small sample of how to laugh louder and live better as an entrepreneur.

We hope you will share your insights below, in our comments.

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Life is a journey of laughter and tears


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