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Here at Nurturing Big Ideas Today, we have one goal: to bring more women’s voices to the world. Within that goal, we look for voices of substance. Women of determination. Women of accomplishment, and that doesn’t mean you need a lot of initials after your name. It means you are out there getting it done.It means talking to women like Susan Epstein. Read more →

But, if you do not determine your target market now - I prefer calling it a goal market, as in, your goal is to have such great offers, the people will delight over them and buy them - you will have a hard time of it, going forward. Read more →

The watchword for our conversation is “physicality”. Because Chloe is focused on performing, and teaching you not only why performing is an important business skill, but how to be a performer, also, she helps us understand physicality and how showing up is more than walking through the door. Read more →

When I received the Art as Action newsletter just a week ago, it spoke of “art by disabled artists”.“As we center ourselves as a physically integrative dance company, Art as Action joins the conversation about dance and disability.” Read more →

I embraced my waywardness early on, and meet so many of you who are only now beginning to understand that you can be wayward and DEFIANT and that’s why I urge you to both watch this video and share it with family and friends across social. Read more →

What I’ve discovered is that having conversations with people who understand, helps me forget my issues with being on camera.Interviewing people I’ve either just met or who have requested a chance to be on the show, also works to help me get over myself.And that’s what I want you to do. Get over yourself and do more video. Read more →

I was drawn to this book precisely because I believe in the concept of fierce conversations. I admit, my original thought was how strong, passionate, even ‘barbarous’ that would be. But, in this book, Scott tells us, “In its simplest form, a fierce conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real.” Read more →

Women today, of a certain age like myself, and many of the smart, talented younger women, like my daughters, want to be independent in a world that would have them become a cog in a wheel, rather than a shining star in the firmament.It’s just that they aren’t sure how to start. Where to start. What to do first. Read more →

Because the act of creating content is not as easy for all of us, this book will be the best guide you could ever have to learning how to master your content strategy and become a publisher with purpose. Do take a minute or two, after you watch my video slide show, to visit Pamela’s site and learn more about her. Read more →

Too many of us share our trials and tribulations as if they are badges of honor, and perhaps they are. “Look at this,” we say, proudly showing off our bruises and scrapes, as if the scabs are proof that we’re on the right track. Read more →