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Why Just Do It Never Works and How to Get Over It All

Just do it doesn't work
It’s honest advice. You’ll here it over and over, “Just do it. Go on, just do it.”

And then, you drop your head to your chest as you slowly walk away.

I’m here to share why just do it never works and how to get over it all.

Have you been there? When a friend or family member sighs loudly, points that finger at you, maybe even jabs at your chest, and says (quite loudly, of course), “Why don’t you stop talking about it and just do it?”

I’ve been there. I will never forget it. I remember taking the advice to heart, but not knowing what to do. I mean, I would just do it, I was thinking, after the third or fourth person fairly screamed it at me, if I knew how.

If I Just Knew How.

Isn’t that the problem? Knowing how?

Nurturing Big Ideas believes in you. We want you to build a solid successful business out of that dream in your heart. We want you to become the woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

And we know how to get over it all - how to get over people telling you to just do it.

I know, it worked for Nike. Big deal. Are you Nike? Do you aspire to be Nike? Most of the women I talk to don’t.

Women today, of a certain age like myself, and many of the smart, talented younger women, like my daughters, want to be independent in a world that would have them become a cog in a wheel, rather than a shining star in the firmament.

It’s just that they aren’t sure how to start. Where to start. What to do first.

Do This First

First, you need to identify what being independent means to you.

Independence isn’t the same for all. It’s not ‘one size fits all.’

Some women want to take a hobby and turn it into a small business. And when I say small, I mean small. They don’t aspire to earning millions. They just want to give back to their community, and if possible, make a few dollars to take a trip, or buy nice things for their grandkids, or go on a cruise.

Those women aren’t looking for advice on turning their talents into big money. They know they have magic in their fingertips, many of them already make money with it. But, they haven’t formed a business that will help them develop what we call a lifestyle - a lifestyle business that will bring them joy.

They’re struggling through each and every day. And, they're ready to give up.

Other women are eager to build that small business that will sustain them on a path to bigger success. They might have dreams of becoming a recognized brand in their area, or across the nation.

The problem is, they haven’t thought it through. They rush ahead, forgetting that everything has stepping stones - first this, then that. Instead, they leap into the fray and… create a success, but one that becomes an albatross around their necks over time. 

How to Get Over It All

Here’s the solution to both of those problems: stop listening to people who are not invested in you!

At Nurturing Big Ideas we take the word “nurturing” seriously.

That’s what these women need. They need to get over the “just do it” advice being spit at them by people who aren’t vested in their success.

When you begin to take charge of your success, grasp that dream as if it’s the sail on your yacht to ever-ever land, where you will live happily the rest of your life, you will do it. No ‘just’ involved.

Yes, you may have to ask for help from professionals.

Yes, you may have to do things you wish you didn’t (like keeping books, and working a few more hours at the start of your business, oh…and calling it a business, because once you start making money at it, it’s no longer a hobby.).

Yes, you may have to let go of pieces of your dream, those edge slices that shine so brightly you cling to them with all of your strength. You need to let them go and sometimes you need a professional coach to help you with that.

Just do it

It’s Always a Matter of Choice

This is your choice. To walk away from the shouters telling you to just do it, without offering insight into how - walking away with your head held high, by the way.

Or, standing there, head down, brain in confusion. whispering, “I don’t know how,” desperate to learn how but sure you can’t learn … because it’s probably really hard!

There is help. There is always help. If you aren’t ready for guidance from us, you can look at advice from our blog, from our process page, from google, of course.

It’s your choice to decide how you will move forward.

Just as long as you do move forward. This is a journey forward, into a new you, a winning dream, a lifestyle business you design, for your needs.(I wrote about Design the Life You Love on Lipsticking - it’s worth a read now)

Make your life happy

Lifestyle Business

And that’s the way it is.

You create a lifestyle business to support your lifestyle.

It’s a business like no other.

You are captain of the yacht. You may have partners or workers (employees) or you may just have out-sourced help.

I never knew what a lifestyle business was. I was intentionally pursuing one, but I hadn’t heard the term and didn’t know what it meant when I did hear it.

Lifestyle business. It’s almost self-explanatory, isn’t it? A business to fit a lifestyle.

But, isn’t business hard? Isn’t business time consuming? Isn’t business exhausting? I wouldn’t choose that lifestyle, would you?

Of course you wouldn’t. We all want to relax and enjoy life. Life has so much to offer, no one wants to spend all of their time in the business.

And that’s why creating a lifestyle business is so important.

  • You choose the work schedule.
  • You choose who to work with.
  • You choose what to sell or teach or train.
  • You choose when to go on vacation.
  • It’s all about you and what you want.

Now, just go and do it.

I’m kidding.

If you’re ready, do your research and get moving on this dream of a new lifestyle. There are DIY programs for you. I will be launching one soon.

If you’re not ready to go DIY,  email me what you are ready for. Tell me what you need. My personal attention programs can get you started, help you start and move forward to a launch, or support you through start, launch, and what happens after.

Choose to be whatever it is you want to be. 


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