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My world is not a 9-5 job. I could sing working nine to five all day long and only relate because I was once a nine to fiver. All those years ago.For folks who are 9-5, folks who even treat their entrepreneurial endeavors as a 9-5 serious work day, here are a few tips and tricks to get yourself out the door every day. Read more →

One of the best parts of this woman to woman conversation is the description of how Carol came to understand her place in the Universe. Her place, she tells us, is in the health and wellness of Cocker Spaniels.No, she is not a veterinarian, nor is she an employee of a veterinary office. Read more →

Perhaps your thoughts of being old-fashioned are more along the lines of homes with doilys, or women in hats. I refer to the 19th century, where women were homemakers and often silent in their world. Their voice was softer and always quiet unless invited to speak. Read more →

Wendy Toth is one of the BEST examples of this. She tells us in this video how she got her start, both in her career path and in her ‘life path’. Sometimes those gel together well, sometimes they don't. It's when they don't that we often give up and think it isn't meant to be - this business we want to create or nurture. We think the Universe doesn't want us to succeed. Read more →

However, the best and most productive way to be ‘brutally’ honest is to remember the other person is… a person. A person with hopes and dreams and desires and expectations, just like you.When we learn to treat each other with the respect we deserve as human beings, always tempering that brutally honest truth with compassion, we are helping make the world a better place. Read more →

Shawna brings such vivaciousness and effervescence to everything she does, every moment spent in conversation with her makes me happy, it gives me energy, and I leave having learned not only something new about myself, but something new about how the Universe works.This doesn’t mean Shawna runs the Universe. It merely means she is a voracious learner who spends time studying the “human condition”, much the way I do. Read more →

Today's Big Ideas in Books we will discuss essentialism by Greg McKeowan. The title is not a typo, he spells it with a lower case ‘e’. Shades of e.e. cummings? Perhaps. I am not privy to the reason behind the spelling. Read more →

Do you want to be disruptive? Is radical change too much for you?This isn’t a new concept. If you study Blue Ocean Strategy, you get a sense of how to use disruption to your advantage.First, recognize your talent. Embrace the magic of it. Close your eyes and imagine holding it in your hands. Not the product of the talent, the talent itself! Read more →