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A Smart Women Conversation: Digital Marketer and Travel Agent Denise Wakeman

Smart woman online Denise Wakeman

Smart Talk with Smart Friends

You’ll notice in my Smart Conversations with Smart Women series, on Nurturing Big Ideas Today, that I talk with a good many old friends.

These are some truly smart women from the dawn of business blogging. I say that because we were the first people, back in oh 2004ish, to recognize the value of blogging for business. It’s why I started and continue to write in Lipsticking. (see Denise’s interview from way back when…)

We were a small group of women, and men, who wanted to share insight and expertise via the written word in a blog that was about doing business on the web.We blogged about being in business on the Internet, using the Internet, and why it was not just the ‘shiny new thing’ but an option that would be around for many years to come.

As opposed to blogging about what we had for dinner or who came to visit on our birthday. We read those blogs and loved them, but they weren’t what we were about, back then.

Like now, we were about being Smart.

This week on Smart Conversations, we have Denise Wakeman, Digital Marketer, and Travel Agent.

Talk about Phenomenal!

In this conversation, Denise shares her experiences traveling about Europe, by herself and in groups. Although, by herself is a misnomer. You need to watch the video to learn why.

I’m in awe of her because I am not a traveler. I tend to be a homebody. I live vicariously through Denise, since she is so willing to do the things I am afraid of doing.

Mind you, she’s an introvert, much like us, you and me, and so many others!

But, she has a true sense of adventure, and it has led her across the ocean many times in the last few years. If she comes by it honestly, that’s just a good thing. Watch the video to learn more about that really good thing.

Being Curious

Her sense of curiosity might be at the root of her sense of adventure. I think they go together, don’t you?

I’m curious. I love learning. I’m even adventurous, a bit. I’ve moved cross-country twice. That was quite an adventure.

When it comes to flying over the ocean, however, I draw the line. I am not fond of that idea. I am quite happy to watch others do it and bask in their shared experiences.

And that’s what Denise is telling us. Sharing is caring, so to speak.

She shared her European experiences with the rest of us and some folks wrote to ask if she could take them with her next time! The light bulb was bright and shining!

Denise the travel agent was born. Learn more about how to combine two loves, into one, as a business professional. It’s okay to recognize that one passion can lead to another and combining them can be the most amazing solution of all!

Who Says Women Can’t Read Maps?

I’m so proud to know Denise. I’m so happy to bring you this Smart Conversation. Oh, and towards the end we talk about women reading maps… don’t miss it!

Find Denise at the links in my post. Ask her a question here… about digital marketing or traveling - or how to blog. She’s a true professional in this growing digital space.

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