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When You Feel as if Your Luck Has Run Out

Feeling as if your luck has run out

What do you do when you feel as if your luck has run out? Do you run out, too?

Is success just a matter of luck?

It seems that I have a lot of luck in my life. People tell me, “You’re so lucky to live so near your grandchildren.”

Not really. I had a plan. The plan was to move from CO to NY to be near my grandchildren. Luck had nothing whatever to do with it. I made the decision. I made the choice. I followed the plan. I made the move.

People say to me, “You were so lucky with BlogPaws! That pet influencer community really made a difference.”

Yes, it did. No, it was not luck. It was a splash of inspiration, connecting with the right people, and working very, very hard. I never felt “lucky” about BlogPaws. I sometimes felt unlucky, but that’s not a conversation for today.

People say to me, “You’re so lucky. You’re so tall, for a girl.”

Really? Am I? Maybe I’m taller than some of you, but I grew up in a family where everyone was taller than I am. I was the runt. Yep, they called me the runt. I had to make up for that by asserting myself, and I didn’t learn to do that until I became an adult. In fact, it took my adult self a good bit of time, also.

If I was luckier, it was a luck of the draw, nothing else. (I had a very assertive mother who constantly told me to be the leader, not the follower)

Is life a matter of luck?

Is luck the ‘thing’ that guides us? That enlightens us? That teaches us?

I believe in luck, if you think of luck as something we bring ourselves, with our thoughts and actions. We need to be true to who we are, if we want to attract luck.

Oh, yes, luck is a fickle task masker.

The luck you have is the luck you bring. And vice-verse.

When we are driving to an appointment and we’re a bit late, but we make it through all the lights without stopping, we say, “Good luck to me!” But, really, it was chance.

When we get up and make our coffee and schedule the walk with the dog for later, and it turns to rain, we lament, “Not my lucky day.” But, really, it was chance.

When we put in an offer on a house, it’s accepted, we’re happy, they’re happy, but the house we live in doesn’t sell so we have to let that house we wanted go, and a month later, we find a better house, for less money, and our current house sells for what we want, we jump around and say, “Wow, are we lucky! We saved thousands of dollars not buying that first house!”

True story. Happened to me. Was it luck? It might have been, but here’s the rub - we could have sold our old house for less, and moved into that first house, which cost more than the current home we’re in and we'd be living the good life, but a good bit poorer for it.

Instead, we stuck to our guns, we got what we wanted and we are currently happy in our new home.

It wasn’t being lucky. It was sticking to our guns and not giving up. Even when a good many folks said to give up.

The nature of being lucky

Luck is More than a Just Do It Thing

Luck is more than making the right decisions. Taking the risk. (Lifehacker explains more in that link… check it out!)

You’re lucky in business when you become successful.

You’re successful when luck is on your side.

Which of those statements is true?

Maybe both.

Maybe you make the choice, you do the thing, you get “lucky”, and you’re successful.

Maybe not.

Maybe the truth is grounded more in how you believe in it, build it, and become it. Because just do it doesn't usually work.

Believe in it. Build it. Become it.

Yep. That’s what I teach at Nurturing Big Ideas.

I know the power of believing in yourself. I’ve been there, done that. My luck was created by being in the right place at the right time - and knowing it. I knew it because I’d been walking that path for awhile.

I love the building part of what I do. I love helping other women take their talent and magic to the next level, where they build something wonderful from it. Now that’s luck!

I tell my clients they need to become the woman they’ve imagined, in the business she’s dreamed of, living the life she loves, every single day.

There is luck in everything we do. In everything we accomplish or fail to materialize.

There is luck in how we perceive the day - embracing the sun, or enjoying the rain.

There is luck in how we finally understand that this is who we are - women of substance and determination, wayward in all the right ways.

Luck is good or bad, according to your nature.

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