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A Smart Woman Conversation with Geralynn Cada - Dog Trainer and Unshakable Optimist

Smart woman  conversation with Geralynn Cada

Let's talk survivors. People who never give up. People who believe in a better tomorrow. People who don't let yesterday dictate how happy the can be today.

When you watch these two videos with Geralynn Cada of GC Pets, you will understand what I mean. It's not merely a one time inspiration. It's a lifetime passion - to survive. To move forward, not backwards. To learn how to give back and  help the rest of the world, because there are a million survivors there, also. 

This Smart Woman Conversation was a long time coming. Geralynn is a busy woman, traveling, working, managing to get through a tornado - many things we all do (except the tornado). But she does it with such grace and style, I am in awe of her on a daily basis. 

The conversation is in two parts, this week. Yours truly hit the pause button by mistake, early on. I urge you to watch the short introduction first, and then move on to the complete discussion. 

You'll be treated to the faces of my grandkids, who popped in to see what was going on in Grandma's office. You'll see Geralynn's painter in the background, touching up the walls, as a result of said tornado mentioned earlier.

You'll see two women who know how to embrace whatever comes their way, during a conversation about life, reinvention, new cat toys, how to spread joy everywhere, and just enjoy the process of building success.

There's a BIG BIG BIG announcement in there, also. Watch all the way through to be treated to an honor Geralynn deserves more than almost anyone, but which she is so humble about. 

Don't cheat and not watch the first, short video. That's where you meet us both. That's where Geralynn talks survivor-ship and unshakable optimism. 

We both know you have one or more stories about surviving in your history. Maybe you're going through one now. If you are, if you remember one or more, share in the comments. I know, some of us have too many gory details to put in a comment, but the jist of what you experienced can help others, if you are willing to share. 

An interesting thing about Geralynn is that she is a dog trainer who just created a new cat toy - can you say meowjiuana? She saw the need, and filled it. She can teach us all something about pivoting in your career focus. It doesn't mean giving up on your dream, or jogging to the left when you should be jogging to the right. It means seeing the curves and twists and turns of being a smart woman online, and recognizing how to bring new ideas into your world. 

Take the time to watch and learn. Each Smart Woman Conversation has truth in it for someone. If it's not you, I am willing to bet you know someone who needs to see this video. Share it. Share the blog post. Encourage folks to get magic in their email box, every Friday, by becoming a member of our mailing list. Of course, I am expecting that YOU are a member of said list, right?

Do watch and enjoy and share your thoughts below in the comments. 



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