The "I'm Sorry" Girl Who Became an "I'm Not Sorry" Woman
#womenofsignificance Are Present in Their Dreams

A Smart Woman Conversation with Margo Lovett - Author, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

Margo her business her voice

Today's Smart Woman Conversation on Nurturing Big Ideas Today is with a dynamic woman I met on LinkedIn.

Margo Lovett has a voice that makes my soul melt. There is a quality to the softness of it that makes me listen more closely to what she's saying. It also exudes confidence. When she speaks, I think the world is listening. Certainly, my heart hears and tells me this is a good thing. 

Margo and I we exchanged notes online and decided to meet on a Zoom call, after connecting in a conversation online. I love it when women invite me to Zoom. If you don't use Zoom to get face-to-face with folks, you're missing out. Our Zoom call was full of life, living, stories, rejections, sadness, tears, and ultimately, the kind of exchange that makes great friends of two people who have only connected via the web.

How is that possible? It's possible because Margo has life long experiences from her childhood and adult life that are similar to mine. Similar in ways that only women understand. Learning of some of her struggles made me teary eyed, but it also gave me resolve and determination. I remember feeling as she felt, experiencing similar situations, and wondering why these things were happening to me.

There is no answer to that, of course. We don't know why some of us struggle much harder than others, or why some of us, in our struggles, see opportunity and take it (as Margo did), and others don't.

A key point in this conversation is that a woman's voice is a powerful tool, and those of us who don't learn to use it properly, may languish in struggles that could be overcome. It so affected Margo that she wrote a book about it, Her Business - Her Voice - Her Reinvention: How I Went from Game Show Hopping to International Show Host, Author & Speaker in 1 Year.   

Yes, do hop over and get your copy! (notice the word 'reinvention'... it's what I'm all about! Margo is quite familiar with it - as you'll learn in the video)

One of the best things about Margo is her podcast. She's sharing some truly fantastic stories on  Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation. (now can you see why I was so attracted to her?)

The bigger story is told in this video. You'll see why I was eager to have this amazing woman on Smart Woman Conversations. Articulate and entertaining, both, she brings a confidence I wish all woman had, to her work and her life. It came after a good bit of trial and tribulation, and the realization that if she wanted to make her life the dream if could be, she was the only one who could!

And, then, she decided she could share that, and help others achieve the same success. 

"Never doubt that a small group of of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world." ~ Margaret Mead

That describes Margo and her growing list of guests - women who are making change happen, today. I am honored t0 be one. Links and story on that soon!

Meanwhile, visit the links I've shared here. But, most of all, watch the video. You'll leave full of inspiration! I certainly did!


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