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A Smart Woman Conversation with Shahrina Ankhi-Krol of Meetpreneur

Smart woman shahrina ankhi-krol 8-14-2019

Let's talk meetings. Let's talk canceled meetings.

As a busy entrepreneur, you no doubt have had that day when you got up, showered (no, I don't shower every day, it wastes water), made your face up (no, I don't do my face every day, why would I?), and got dressed for success, in preparation for a meeting with a new client, a prospect, an old friend who has a referral for you; whatever it is or was, you did the work, put in the effort, arrived at the coffee shop and... got a text.

"Can't make it. Am otherwise engaged at the moment. Reschedule?"


I can picture you now, standing there, ready to put your purse on the back of the chair, go over and order a latte, but out of habit, you're checking your phone and this text comes in.

If you're like me, and like Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, you make a little face, sigh, and look around the coffee shop. What to do now.

Should you just go back home?

Have coffee and fool around on your phone with social media?

Go to the library?

There are numerous options but what you really want to do is make use of the time. It was a business meeting. Not a social event. As unhappy as you are that your contact is unable to be there, it's up to YOU now, to make the best use of your time.

Today's Smart Woman, Shahrina Ankhi-Krol has the answer. When something similar to what I've described here happened to her, in New York City, no less, she made a decision. She decided to create an app.

Meetpreneur maps (2)

Introducing Meetpreneur

When I asked Shahrina to be a Smart Woman Conversation, I knew about her app but it wasn't something I could explain to anyone else. 

Knowing Shahrina from BlogPaws (yes, many of my smart woman conversation guest are from BlogPaws), I still think of her as a successful lawyer with a boutique practice in NYC.

She's also the recipient of the Rising Star Super Lawyer recognition for 5 consecutive years.

She also has 2 small children. 

Why would she - really, HOW DID SHE, create an app? I mean, there is no free time in her life. Between serving clients, networking, and taking care of her adorable children, I don't know how she sleeps. 

Still, she is smart to the nth degree and this app seems like a keeper for any business professional out there. But, especially, for us ladies.

The video jumps and starts a bit, I don't know why. Be patient if that happens. You want to learn about this app, I promise. 

Yes, I am helping promote the app, but it's because I believe in Shahrina and I think this is genius. I don't get any money from it. This is not an affiliate thing. It's a "if you do business offline - and you should be doing business offline - you need this app."

Watch the video. Learn more. Go over to Meetpreneur and check it out.

Find Shahrina at the links in this post or go to her Facebook page here. 



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