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Smart Woman Conversations: Maggie Marton - author, blogger, mom and wife

Smart woman conversation with Maggie Marton

Smart Woman Conversation

Today we talk with freelance writer, blogger, book author, wife and Mom, who is also a devoted pet lover.

You'll learn quickly why I was eager to have Maggie Marton join the Smart Woman Conversation "club" for Nurturing Big Ideas Today. She's the consummate professional and it's because in our long standing friendship I have always found Maggie to be smart, talented, and approachable. As regular viewers know, and those who are new should and will learn, my desire in these videos to help other women learn and become inspired by the smart women in these conversations who share their business/life stories.

In this video (below), Maggie touches upon how to succeed in a gig economy and how to take something remarkably unique (i.e.: zero pet waste information) and turn it into a successful focus for her writing. You need to watch to learn how she got started - and while she has magic in her soul, becoming successful was not magic! It was... a good bit of work.

Zero Waste Pet and Oh My Dog Blog

As Maggie tells us, she writes about dogs, cats, kids, and the environment for print and web publications and on her award-winning blogs, and Maggie co-authored the forthcoming book Pet Blogging for Love and Money (January 2020), a guide to launching and running a profitable pet blog. She lives in the Indianapolis area with one dog, two cats, one toddler, and a very patient husband. 

I especially love her story about being in third grade where she became concerned when she learned about a rip in the earth's ozone layer. Learn how that led to some of the content she creates, today! (and find out what she did about it then, as a third grader!)

Creativity Consistency Value

Maggie Marton is all about creativity, being clear about what you value as an entrepreneur, and learning to be consistent.
(p.s. did I mention she's the current Vice President of the Dog Writer's Association? Gosh, we didn't even get to that in the video!)

She has a co-authored book about pet blogging coming out in the new year. Watch the video to learn more. 

After you watch this video, you can find Maggie Marton, today's remarkable Smart Woman online, here:

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Yvonne, thank you so much for welcoming me onto your channel. It was such a pleasure to chat with you, and I'm grateful we were able to have this conversation! I can't wait to share it far and wide!

Yvonne DiVita

Maggie, you are a voice to be listened to. I love your style, your insight, and your stories. I hope women who see our tweets and shares take time to watch this video. We had fun with it but we shared so much actionable advice, too! It's the way women are - we do share and support each other. I can't wait for the book... by you and Carol Bryant. It's going to be fantastic because you ladies are super fantastic.

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