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Having a Bad Day? Do This to Fix It

Yvonne Talks Bad Day

It's a Bad Day When

I know bad days. I know the disappointment, the frustrations, and the anger of bad days. 

One key thing to remember is what really makes for a bad day. Often, we (humans) attribute the bad day to the weather. Or, to cold coffee. Or, to something a child, spouse, or relative said to us that set us off kilter. It could have been said in anger or in a mocking tone that hid too close to home. 

When we experience things like that, described above, or other things (you choose), it can set us off and turn a good day into a bad day. It's primarily because we turn inward and wonder, "what's wrong with me?" After all, these wouldn't be happening to us if we were good people. I mean, good people don't have bad days. Right?

You know that's not right. But, secretly, you think good people have fewer bad days than you. Or, than bad people. 

That's not true, either. Truth is, we all have good days and bad days and it's how we respond to them that makes the difference. 

The kind of day is not dependent upon who you are. It's not that some gremlin, somewhere, is gleefully messing up your life to gain a laugh.

Bad days come when we allow them to come. 

Stave Off Bad Days

I was having a bad day today. It didn't start off that bad. It was okay. I was excited about a Smart Woman Conversation I had scheduled. I took my shower, fixed my hair (and I like it, my hair, I mean... good hair, good day, right?), put my makeup on and chose an outfit. 

So far, not bad. The shower wasn't great, we need to fix the water pressure, but that's a minor inconvenience. If you let something like that turn into a bad day, I can't help you!

The Smart Woman Conversation was amazing! It was fantastic! It was astonishingly wonderful! Kind of over the top there with adjectives, right? I tell my writing clients to avoid too many adjectives and here I am sprinkling them in my paragraph like salt. Or, sugar. 

I can't help it. She truly was amazing. 

Too bad I can't show you that conversation. (here's another amazing one to make up for things)

And therein lies my reason for this post. My so-so day turned into a really bad day and I wanted to cry.

But, I didn't cry. Here's what I did... watch my short video. 

Fix your bad day by taking my advice. In the video.

No more bad days. I promise. 

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