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This Smart Woman Conversation

...is especially for those women in peri-menopause or menopause, or even those who believe they are finally leaving menopause behind, but still have health issues.

Menopause is a loaded subject today. The term peri-menopause is so new to most women, they rush to grab whatever information they can about it, and often end up frustrated and worried. Does that sound like you? It sure sounds like me! I have had a lot of trouble with this issue, and I assumed (wrongly so, Lorraine tells me) that there was little to nothing I could do about it.

I ask you, how can we be our best selves, or most healthy selves, if we women of a certain age still endure this health condition without a solution? Plus, it's up to us to change the perception that a woman is 'old' at a certain age, or that when we turn that certain age (can be 40 or 50, whatever you like, but it's not 30) we should just sit in the corner and knit blankets. (you can do that, or any other hobby you like, but society shouldn't EXPECT us to go away and be quiet - it should be prepared to allow us to come into our own and be loud and proud about it!)

And, why is this topic still so taboo?

Bringing it into the light

Lorraine Miano tackled just that idea, when she was going through menopause and the information on it was next to zero. I congratulate her on being forward thinking and on taking charge. Her book, The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back is required reading for anyone over 40. And, maybe for women who are younger, because ladies, it will happen to you too! I suspect you already know a number of relatives or friends who are experiencing this. Get them a copy of the book, too!

She epitomizes the very idea she is so passionate about: that menopause is not an ending, it's a NEW beginning!

This quote demonstrates the power a woman holds within. Lorraine shared it with us, at the conclusion of the call. It's a mantra we should all embrace. 

The power of a woman in menopause

Watch the video, or just listen to it. Hearing Lorraine tell us how she decided this was her calling, and then what she did about it, should be empowering to every woman. Let her tell you about her amazing book and her focus on holistic health and diet. By the way, this link, to the Amazon page for the book gets me nothing. I recommend this book for its valuable content, and for the education you receive, complete with recipes. I will be doing a book review of my own, soon. But, I get not kickback from Amazon for it. 

What I really love about Lorraine and her book is her offer to "guide" us through this jungle of misinformation and confusion, as we deal with peri-menopause and menopause. Yes, it involves nutrition (she is a certified health coach and hormone expert) - can you say "green leafy vegetables!" Go to her Instagram page and follow her. Yep, go on, do it. Now. 

She will answer many of your questions in this Smart Woman Conversation. Check out her Self-Love Challenge, on her website. Visit and Like her Facebook page. 

Subscribe to the YouTube video channel for more Smart Woman Conversations, and for Yvonne Talks, where I pontificate on life, health, business, and pets.

Enjoy this truly informative conversation. About half way in you'll learn about the Environmental Working Group and why you should know about them!




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