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Smart Woman Conversations with Author, Business Strategist, and Coach Katherine McGraw Patterson

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Intentional Networking 

"Hi, I'm KP," she tells us. Katherine McGraw Patterson, known as KP in her networking world.

She's a friend from Colorado. She's worked internationally, she's the founder of a woman's business community based on connecting, supporting, and growing small businesses for women entrepreneurs, and she's a perfect example of someone who's reinvented herself from "someone who hates networking" to leading a growing, successful networking group in her home state of Colorado. 

In this Smart Woman Conversation Katherine and I talk community, marketing, relationship building, networking, intentional networking, and what not to do in the first six months of your new business.

Katherine admits she's not fond of the 'get out there and meet people' concept of networking. As so many of us are not.

But, she does it. She puts on her business clothes and steps outside her office door and meets people, women mostly, face to face, which is how she came to create her own community of professionals. She tells us that WEBO (Women and Entrepreneurs Business Owners) was founded to "support her goals not only for growing her business through new clients and contracts, but for personal and professional development."

Community Building for Women Entrepreneurs

We need all of that. As a serial entrepreneur, I can attest to the power of a community built around both career and personal development. You don't leave yourself, the you who wanted to create that business, at home when you go out to meet people and promote yourself.

She goes with you. That woman. That voice. That talent and magic. It's part of who you are.

Katherine describes herself as: "Founder of WEBO, business coach, small business marketing strategist, mom, wife, community member and friend."

And, aren't we all? We are all women first. Business women second. We are members of our local and national community. We are friends and colleagues. Some of us are Moms. Or Aunts. Or sisters. All of us are daughters.

In the end we are human beings striving for success in the chaos of a world on fire - sometimes in a good way (hot with opportunities) and sometimes in a bad way (burning to the ground, without a fireman or firewoman in sight!).

p.s. You can become a Managing Director! 
WEBO Network is looking for enthusiastic, motivated women to lead new chapters in Colorado and across the US. This is a great opportunity to grow your brand and expose your expertise to women in multiple industries. Click the link in the sentence above.

Strategy for the Networking Averse

I asked Katherine McGraw Patterson to be a Smart Woman Conversation member because she brings authenticity, experience, and insight to the world of business networking and community building. Her focus is women. And, on top of all of that, she recently became an author.

Not at the table on the menu book lunching with lionsHer book, Lunching with Lions: Strategies for the Networking-Averse, tells us right on the cover: "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu."

According to Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI and a NY Times Bestselling author,

"People will be using this book as a tool to expand their networks for a long time."

Accolades like that don't come every day. Katherine achieved this respect from a giant in the world of networking because she did the work. She had a dream and she made it happen. We talk a bit about the book, how it came to be and...exactly who Bob is. 

Today Katherine's an influencer in the women's business community. She will tell you she is:


"...passionate about helping business owners (women especially) understand how a deep awareness of their goals and objectives translates into purposeful strategies. That this awareness and purpose is key to creating intentional daily activities that conserves their resources of time, money, and energy, and focuses their efforts for greater results. Networking is one of those strategies that benefit from awareness of goals. I help my clients create a rubric of sorts to evaluate opportunities and activities to measure them against their objectives and manage their investments."




Find Katherine at the links in this post and online here:

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 Enjoy this video with Katherine McGraw Patterson. The BEST part, in my bold opinion (who wants to be humble?) comes at the very end. You need to watch it all. I promise, you'll be thrilled when you do.



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