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Smart Woman Conversations with Unlimited Woman's Alliance Founder Dr. Anita Jackson

Smart woman conversations Dr Anita Jackson blog post

Becoming Unlimited

This woman - Dr. Anita Jackson - infuses me with confidence, energy, and the desire to finally be exactly who I should be: ME, UNLIMITED, ME!

When she and I met, via LinkedIn, I could feel the synergy across the miles. She's in CA, I'm in NY. It didn't and doesn't matter. I say that a good bit. I remind all of you that connecting with another fascinating and talented woman across hundreds of miles is a tiny little thing, compared to the greater thread of connection between you. That thread might be thinner than a hair, but it's stronger than steel!

Every conversation I have with Anita gives me goose bumps. It's in her stories, her desire to help women uncover, and discover, their inner power. The truth of who they are, and how truly powerful they can be if they allow their soul to soar!

If for no other reason, watch this video for the stories. You know how important stories are, to me. To the purpose of what Nurturing Big Ideas is about. Stories are the essence of not just ourselves, but our Mothers and sisters and grandmothers and aunts. Our stories help us understand who we are and bring us together with other women - because every story, in every woman, is important and should be told. 

Anita has stories. You will laugh and sigh and nod your head. Because, like your story and my story, her story has a familiar ring to it. It's the story of how women bring forth life and love and living. It's the story of our heritage, told in tears and laughter, worry and joy, faith and healing. 

It's Not Just Empowerment

This conversation isn't just about improvement or empowerment, although we talk about both of those concepts. We talk about the way women live and act and believe and how limiting it can be, when it shouldn't be! We talk about that word: empowerment, and how women have enormous power, but sometimes they don't recognize it. It might be disguised as dreaming. Visit the link in this paragraph for more information on this!

But there is more to being unlimited than recognizing your own power. 

Dr. Anita Jackson wants us to redefine ourselves - to embrace ourselves as spiritual beings who KNOW our power and our WORTH. It's not a redefinition, actually. It's a recognition!

One of the best parts of today's talk is the discussion about impostor syndrome. You might think you have it. I've spent untold hours thinking I have it. Anita disabuses us of that idea! You must watch to learn! 

Anita wants us to have a global voice. Be open to receiving, just as open as we are to giving. She wants us to give our soul the chance to prove life is about being unlimited. Her desire is to have women standing shoulder to shoulder and work together. To be connected - to weave that thread into our lives, give it color, and substance, and purpose!

To do that, she's planning something spectacular. I plan on being part of it! You should be part of it, ladies. Global voice is part of it. Unlimited women's alliance is part of it. Changing the way we think about ourselves is part of it. Watch and learn. She announces it here, just for you.

Save the date: May 2021. That's all I have left to say. Follow Dr. Anita on Facebook. Become part of her "fempire".

Subscribe to Smart Woman Conversations - the lineup for the rest of this year is outstanding!

Visit Nurturing Big Ideas Today.   I, too, am dedicated to helping you discover your inner powerful voice. 




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Anita Jackson

I so absolutely LOVED this conversation with you Yvonne. You're amazing and can't wait to do more.

Yvonne DiVita

Oh, Anita, the energy in this conversation is through the roof! I love your BIG IDEAS and the determined way you're making them happen. Dreams do come true... when women work together to make them happen! Thank you for sharing yourself with the Nurturing Big Ideas community.

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