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Telling the Once Upon a Time Story

Once upon a time story

Once Upon a Time 

I have always loved once upon a time story books. Books that could take me to a new world, a world so unlike the world I lived in, I often dreamed of being one of the characters in those once upon a story stories. 

As I work on my business, the fourth business I've started, I am turning back to those days of enjoying once upon a time. As I meet more and more people who have a story to tell, but who are too shy or too afraid to tell it, I am reminded of my childhood and hiding in the corner of a room, holding a flashlight to read, totally absorbed in once upon a time. 

I'm reminded of this because all stories have a measure of once upon a time. When we speak in public, or attend a networking event to share information about our business, we're inevitably asked about how we got started doing whatever it is that we do. 

Embrace the Creativity

It's in the telling of how we got started that we can embrace once upon a time. It's not necessary to say the words "once upon a time" out loud. But, you can think them, and let them remind you of those delightful fairy tales of your youth. In your story, you're the hero. The client or prospect is the princess. It's your job to save the princess from the evil sorcerer!

That's the purpose of your business - to solve a problem, help someone overcome challenges and be the better for it. Your product or service must solve a solution. You must show creativity. You must tap into your client's emotions and make them feel the story. 

In the world of once upon a time, you would hack through thick forests, where even the trees would try to foil you from getting to the princess. You would beat away the flies and mosquitoes, and send the growling menaces away with your sword and your verve!

In this world, your business must first reach the princess by appealing to her emotions, and then offer her a way to break free from whatever binds her. This will not be done with a kiss. Let's recognize the limitations in our once upon a story. Once the hero reaches the princess in our fairy tale, they kiss and all is well. Happily ever after follows.

For you, in your business, you will do better than that. You will give the princess tools and advice that will not only help her escape the evil sorcerer, but will give her greater confidence to go forth into the scary world with bravery and determination. And she will repay you by not only buying what you sell, but by sharing you with everyone she knows.

The Hero Is You

You did that - when your hero (who might just be you, by the way), came and rescued you. You were guided by your emotions to move forward, day by day, and make things happen. Good things. Great things. Accomplishments that you want to share. In a story.

That's what I'm talking about in this video. The once upon a time of creating stories for an audience that is looking for real solutions.

Sharing your story, the once upon a time when you weren't you - when you were purposefully working to become a new person - is a proven way to engage your audience, build attention, and show prospects why they should work with you.

Yes, your story, for your business, can start with Once Upon a Time. It's a format that is simple, familiar, and gets people's attention.

Watch the video and learn more. Oh, maybe, just maybe, you should write a book. 

Ask me how. yvonne (at) yvonnedivita (d0t) com



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