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Use Your Intuition

Intuition super power

What is intuition?

How do you measure it? Is it smoke and mirrors? Is it fog, here for a moment, gone the next?

Or is it tangible enough to BE something purposeful that we should pay more attention to?

I am not the first person to advise you to use your intuition. Nor will I be the last. The question is - will you listen? Or, maybe the question is, WHO will you listen to? 

Intuition is intangible,  but it's real.

Intuition is like a whisper, which we too often ignore.

Intuition is that sense of "yes" or "no" that flutters in our heart, when we're approaching a big decision in life. 

One way to look at it is to compare it to the voice of reason in your ear, directing you to not date that loser. Or, to take that risk and buy that red lipstick.

I am not poking fun at intuition, though it may seem so. These two examples are humorous to a fault because they demonstrate reality. We've all had that feeling inside making us wonder if we should date so and so. And, when we're lusting after that red lipstick, which is not something we would ever have considered in our youth, our intuition nudges us to go for it.

Give that Feeling Inside Its Due

When it comes to our small business, our next big idea, our purpose in life, we ignore our intuition to our own detriment.

I would like you to think of your intuition as a super power. While we share this essence with all humanity, it's not a woman-thing as some will try to tell you, truth is, we, as women, have a deeper sense of it. We, as women, allow it to sway our decisions. We, as women, learn to appreciate it, over time.

Research studies prove the existence of this mystery essence. From Karen Young at HeySigmund, we learn:



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