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Smart Woman Conversations with Emerald Lake Books Founder Tara Alemany

Smart Woman Conversations welcomes Tara Alemany

Smart woman conversations Tara Alemany

Have you started that book - the one you've always dreamed of starting? Maybe it's time. Maybe this conversation will inspire you.

Tara and I met, as often  happens, via another smart woman named Sandra Beckwith. Sandra was part of an online summit hosted by Tara and Emerald Lake Books. I know Sandra from my days as a POD (print on demand) publisher in Rochester, NY. Because of that connection, and the fact that the summit on publishing was so good, I connected with Tara and asked her if she would be on Smart Woman Conversations.

It's About the Journey

Tara Alemany defies a simple definition. She is a multi-award-winning author of several books. (and she comes to this business, helping authors write and publish a book, honestly - watch the video to learn how) 

Emerald Lake Books is co-owned with her best friend, Mark Gerber. I can attest to the power and beauty of having a best friend who is of the 'other' gender. Mine is my husband. 

But this is not about me, or best friends. It's about Tara's journey. Her journey from there (starting at 19 when she started her first entrepreneurial adventure) to here, where she calls Emerald Lake Books her "favorite business, by far."

It's also about recognizing and seizing opportunity. It's about faith and joy. It's about letting your faith lead you along that bumpy path and guide you to where you should be.

It's very much about books. Writing them. Reading them. Tara's newest book, Publish with Purpose, was written to help people understand the unique process Emerald Lake Books developed to help their authors set attainable goals.

I love the 54 Questions to Ask Your Publisher Before Signing a Publishing Contract. For those of you considering a book, in publication not sitting in your desk drawer gathering dust, that document is an eye opener. 

Have Faith

It must be noted here that Tara is a professional speaker, and serves on the Board of Directors for a Christian writers' critique group. She acts as both president and chaplain of that group. I find that fascinating, and you'll learn more about our discussion around "faith" and how it applies to Tara's work when you watch the video. Hint: it's about you, not us.

Visit the links in this post for more information on Tara and Emerald Lake Books.

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Don't forget to leave your comments or questions below. What's been  holding you back from writing that book I know you have simmering inside?



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