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Smart woman conversations Janet Borchert house

Smart Women Are All Around You.

If you're out in the world, shopping, or meeting with business folks, or just taking a walk, you can't help but bump into a smart woman because we're here - and there - and everywhere.

The key is to expect the woman next to you to be 'smart', in ways you can't see immediately. Just accept her talent and her magic, and treat her accordingly. As we treat each other.

This week's Smart Woman Conversation is with Janet Borchert, an experienced professional in the world of real estate, a smart woman who is also a mentor, and, she's a mom, like so many of us.  I can tell you honestly that she is an amazing realtor. When Tom and I lived in Colorado, for close to 10 years, Janet was our go-to person whenever we got the itch to move. Which was fairly often. Janet was there for us each and every time we made that decision to move. She helped us buy and sell five homes - and the smile on her face brightened every transaction. But, it was her knowledge of her profession, and the area, that sold us.

First of all, Janet has been in the business of houses since 2001 (I think that means she started as a child - you'll see why I say that when you watch the video).

Janet is a Member of the National Association of REALTORS®, The Colorado Association of REALTORS®, The Boulder Board of REALTORS®, and The Council of Certified Residential Specialists.

She specializes in residential real estate in Boulder County, Broomfield County, parts of Weld, Jefferson, and Adams County. Tom and I lived in Weld Co and in Broomfield Co, and Jefferson Co, while we were there. 

Embrace Your Why

You'll learn a lot in this video. You'll learn that you must embrace your why, and you can't be good at what you do, if you'd rather be doing something else. That may not be a new message, but Janet has a different spin on it. I do expect you to learn a great deal about being "in business" as opposed to "starting a business." There is more to being an entrepreneur than putting your shingle out on your house or in your front yard. 

A great big takeaway, an enormous bit of advice, comes at the end. When Janet explains what she means when she says, "There is no there, there."

Want more of Janet? Her Facebook page is full of great videos, photos, and happiness. That's what she does - she lives and promotes happiness.

I know you'll not only learn from Janet, in this video, I know you'll begin to appreciate the talents and gifts you have, to make a difference in your own world.

Is 2020 the year you start making that difference felt, all around you?

Nurturing Big Ideas can help. I can help. Whether it's starting that new business, or writing a book - which is a business in and of itself - I can take you from the glimmer of an idea, all the way to implementation. My promise is to nurture you, not dictate. As Janet shows us in today's video, creating a business for yourself requires some mentoring. 

There is no time like the present! 

Enjoy the video. Come back next week for another. Register for our mailing list at Smart News. Upcoming programs, eBooks, and freebies will be announced there first! 



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