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Success is Easy by Debbie Allen

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard enough when you're an adult, a full fledged, honest to goodness, over the age of 21, adult. But this amazing woman, today's Smart Woman Conversation guest, started her first business at the tender age of 19!

She tells us it was easy, but let's be honest. That's a relative reaction. For many of us, entrepreneurship is hard. Just like getting out of bed every day at 5 a.m. to meet online with your mastermind group is hard. (have you ever done that? I thought about it - it seemed like a good idea - but I never did it.) It's hard because we have been conditioned to believe it's hard.

When you ask Debbie about success, she says, "It's easy." And she gives a little laugh. "If you think about how hard it is, you are just making it harder than it needs to be."

There's a book in that. Yep, She wrote it. It's called Success is Easy: Shameless No-Nonsense Strategies To Win In Business and, as I say in the video, you will want to keep this book on your desk as both a reference and a great resource for reminding yourself that if you're not being strategic, you're making extra work for yourself. 

Debbie's approach is not unique - she wants us to tackle being an entrepreneur with vim, vigor, and vitality. Everyone will tell you to do that. It's a necessary bit of advice, to bring excitement and action to your business idea.

But, Debbie's strategies, her tactics, her advice, and her stories (about herself and about her clients) bring the book to life in a positive way business books rarely achieve. It's less a book about building business success, as it is a guide to take you on a positive journey to success.

Embrace Your Shamelessness

Success is easy book cover for blogWomen entrepreneurs are woefully poor (I wanted to say 'bad' but that's too negative of a word, so let's use poor) at this. We are taught, as I've said ad infinitum (forever and ever), to be silent. To be quiet. To speak only when spoken to. To smile and be pretty, but not to raise our voices, as noted in this NPR article about the power of raising your voice.

Certainly, we're taught never to be wayward, or shameless.  It helps "keep us in our place". 

Yes, I exaggerate. Or, perhaps I don't.

It is true, however, that too many women are afraid to "toot their own horn" precisely because they fear reprisal or judgment. Debbie puts those worries to rest by teaching us how to bring the concept of shameless self-promotion to our new or existing business. 

It's not shameless in the embarrassing sense of the word, if you're promoting your talent,  your magic, your truth. When you do that, promotion becomes a benefit for the people you serve. How else will they learn about you? How else can you offer your solution to their problem? 

How else can you turn your plan (you have a plan, don't you?) into a reality?

It's About Achieving Your Dreams

I asked Debbie where she learned to embrace "easy". Her story is remarkable. She gained a good bit of her education in how to be successful in business as a grass roots effort. She recognized early on that you need a plan. She sought out mentorships. And, she embraced the concept of giving back.

I'm on a mission, as many of you know, to get more talented, successful women to write books. Inspiring, educational, strategic books, like Success is Easy. 

Should you accept this mission, your first job is to get Debbie's book and read it. 

Your next step is to make a plan.

And your last step is to implement the plan.

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Enjoy the video. Watch it until the end and learn why she mentions Jurassic Park. 
Buy the book, buy several, here: (there are bonuses for people who ACT NOW!)



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Debbie Allen

Yvonne it was such a pleasure getting to know you on the interview. Thank you so much for the great work you created here.
Debbie Allen

Yvonne DiVita

Debbie, the pleasure was truly all mine. You are a visionary and someone I hope all women watching will learn from. This video demonstrates the power of getting it done and moving beyond confusion. I love your book, Success is Easy, and I hope every woman who watches this conversation gets several copies. I mean, she'll want to share. It's a uniquely shareable book. Thank you for being my guest. I hope we can do it again, in 2020.

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