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Greek Mythology

In this Smart Woman Conversation, I talk with the “Idea Whisperer,” Tamsen Webster who helps people find, build, and tell the stories of their ideas using their Red Thread®, the universal (but unique!) tie between how we see the world and what we do in it.

We met serendipitously over the web when my daughter, Chloe DiVita, mentioned "the red thread" to me. This was not an idea or concept I was familiar with, which meant I had to go in search of it. Finding Tamsen not only educated me on a Greek myth I knew nothing about (watch the video to learn), but also helped me understand the ideas behind following your own red thread.

Of course, everyone, everywhere, knows red is MY color. Red shoes. Red lipstick. Red logo. I can't get away from it. Somewhere, in my soul, I must have recognized the red thread idea and I've truly been following it ever since.

The Value of a Brand Message

Tamsen’s own Red Thread weaves through her 20 years as a brand and message strategist, though she says she learned the most about inspiring change as a Weight Watchers leader. (great bit about that in the video)

As a TEDx Executive Producer, Tamsen coached experts, iconoclasts, and pioneers from around the world to build their Red Threads into Ideas Worth Spreading—and more than 9 million YouTube views. Today, Tamsen talks about life as a globe-hopping keynote speaker on storytelling, branding, change management, and idea development, and her work as a go-to consultant for enterprise companies like Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and State Street Bank who want to their big ideas to have an even bigger impact.

I especially love her idea of paying it forward during her time at Weight Watchers. She tells us, "All the principles I have learned about marketing, and how to change people's activities, week to week, came to me from certain aspects at Weight Watchers."

This led to more effectiveness in her professional life, outside of her WW coaching. We do touch upon the fact that what we do, what she does and what I do, is work with people to change minds, or behavior, as well as to educate and teach. It's not enough to give people the stepping stones. Sometimes, you need to give them a guiding hand, also. 

  • Take away 1: "Most of us don't even know what we know." Watch to learn the story behind that!
  • Take away 2: "The narrower your focus, the wider your reach."

Tamsen lives in Boston with her other half/chief ballroom dancing partner, and two amazing boys with big ideas all their own. I'm sorry we didn't talk about ballroom dancing. No, I mean it. I'm sorry, for my sake. That seems like a story that should be told. Maybe next time!

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Jimmy Matorin

Love the concept of the narrower the focus, the wider the reach. Tamsen is an accomplished individual. Her wisdom reminded me of some words of wisdom from Donald Rumsfeld:

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