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Flying High

I believe women are full of talent and magic and we sometimes don't tap into our true power until we are tested. The test can be big or small. It can be in your face or it can sneak up behind you. But when you are tested, you either recognize your mettle which in turn highlights your talent, or you cower away and lose sight of the very thing that could have made your life marvelous.

This Smart Woman Conversation is exceptional. I'll tell you why...

Erika Armstrong didn't necessarily want to become a pilot, when she was a little girl. After all, she tells us, her role model was Amelia Earhart - who disappeared over the Pacific ocean in 1937. Even little girls know that's not something you want to grow up and do.

But, truth be told, becoming a pilot, being the captain in charge, being responsible for yourself, your big plane, and all of your passengers, can become enticing when you take flying lessons and get a thrill out of being in the cockpit.

I won't tell you where the title of her book A Chick in the Cockpit: My Life Up in the Air comes from, you have to watch the video to discover that, but I will tell you she is among only 5% of airline pilots who are women. Think of that. Only 5%. Unique and admirable for all of those women, yes. Yet, a bit disappointing when more young girls even today are not encouraged to become airline pilots. (link goes to Amazon, it is not an affiliate link, I get nothing from it if you buy the book, so buy the book)

Intelligent Humor

I love Erika's humor. It's well done in the book and takes the edge off the story - which is about Erika's life, not just about becoming a pilot.

For women who endure domestic abuse, this book may be a trigger though it just may be an inspiration, too.

For women who endure any kind of situation that can be called abuse, and some women don't experience it the way it's depicted in movies on TV, but they do endure it, this book can be a light at the end of the tunnel. Because, when you read what Erika went through, and how she came out the other end in tact, you will begin to believe you can, also.

Some of that involves using intelligent humor. It's also how Erika got through flight school, when some of the men, just didn't think she fit in. Not a chick with long blonde hair and a big smile. Put her back at the receptionist's desk. 

Using her humor, and her smarts, Erika rose above all of the snide remarks and other harassment and she became a captain. 

She became successful.

She became strong and purposeful. She learned "not to care" about the words or pictures or other ways she was being thwarted. I expect some women reading this will relate. I do.

For today, Erika focuses on being a Mom. She teaches. She uses words and humor to solve problems and doesn't spend too much time looking at what's wrong with her life or business or teaching or whatever. She's too busy looking at what's working. (one of the things that's working is that she is working on a screenplay for her book - I am thoroughly excited about that! This books will be a fantastic movie!)

Shouldn't we all be giving what's working our attention, every day?

Watch this through to the end. You'll learn how to stand up for yourself and how "not caring" is a solution to some problems. 

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