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December 2019

Using her humor, and her smarts, Erika rose above all of the snide remarks and other harassment and she became a captain.  She became successful. She became strong and purposeful. Read more →

We met serendipitously over the web when my daughter, Chloe DiVita, mentioned "the red thread" to me. This was not an idea or concept I was familiar with, which meant I had to go in search of it. Finding Tamsen not only educated me on a Greek myth I knew nothing about (watch the video to learn), but also helped me understand the ideas behind following your own red thread. Read more →

Before you laugh or bring your skeptical thinking to the conversation, understand that I believe her. I believe trees and plants of all manner communicate with each other. Why shouldn't they then communicate with us? Holly tells us her mission is "to help people experience expansive joy in their lives through connecting with nature." Read more →