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March 17, 2019 - March 23, 2019

The watchword for our conversation is “physicality”. Because Chloe is focused on performing, and teaching you not only why performing is an important business skill, but how to be a performer, also, she helps us understand physicality and how showing up is more than walking through the door. Read more →

When I received the Art as Action newsletter just a week ago, it spoke of “art by disabled artists”.“As we center ourselves as a physically integrative dance company, Art as Action joins the conversation about dance and disability.” Read more →

I embraced my waywardness early on, and meet so many of you who are only now beginning to understand that you can be wayward and DEFIANT and that’s why I urge you to both watch this video and share it with family and friends across social. Read more →

What I’ve discovered is that having conversations with people who understand, helps me forget my issues with being on camera.Interviewing people I’ve either just met or who have requested a chance to be on the show, also works to help me get over myself.And that’s what I want you to do. Get over yourself and do more video. Read more →