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April 14, 2019 - April 20, 2019

One of the biggest things that was causing me stress was rewriting my blogging how-to book. I had it in my mind I wanted to rewrite it before the Cat Writers Conference. After I realized that project alone was freaking me the hell out I let it go. I will take copies of the book as is and will continue working on the rewrite and re-release it later because it will be new and improved. Stress level dropped drastically. Read more →

The book is rich with the vibrancy of real life. I say that knowing how we writers, and I include myself even though none of my novels have seen the light of day, create real life on paper, out of our own dreams and horrors and laughter and anger.For the writer who wants to write better, this book is a book you’ll want at your elbow, right there with your Strunk & White. Read more →

You’ll learn quickly that although Monique, a BFF from BlogPaws, exudes the ‘can-do’ attitude we recommend here at Nurturing Big Ideas, she came by her expertise honestly. Like the rest of us, she learned from the people she works with and she also went out and found the right ‘teacher’, to further her education. Read more →

Today, we’ll talk a bit about SMART goals. And, I don’t just mean how to be smart about setting goals. Instead, I want you to learn how to understand SMART intentions and get them to work for you. Read more →