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April 28, 2019 - May 4, 2019

Today's Big Ideas in Books we will discuss essentialism by Greg McKeowan. The title is not a typo, he spells it with a lower case ‘e’. Shades of e.e. cummings? Perhaps. I am not privy to the reason behind the spelling. Read more →

Do you want to be disruptive? Is radical change too much for you?This isn’t a new concept. If you study Blue Ocean Strategy, you get a sense of how to use disruption to your advantage.First, recognize your talent. Embrace the magic of it. Close your eyes and imagine holding it in your hands. Not the product of the talent, the talent itself! Read more →

You’ll discover that starting out new, as Laura is now, and as I am, also, is not new to us, but even with our backgrounds in successful business planning, we need to touch other like-minded souls to keep us grounded. Read more →