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Big Brand System

This Friday I offer a Smart Women Conversations guest who brings a lifetime of online experience with her to our talk. Truth is, she says she brings several lifetimes. And she's still pretty young. 

Pamela Wilson is at home on the internet, and tells us in the video and on her about page that she is not necessarily at home on stage. This, even though she was a keynote speaker at a BlogPaws conference.

She hails from Nashville, TN. I mention that because it's nice to know where people are from. Do you share that with your folks, on your about page?

Our friendship goes back to BlogPaws and before, when I followed her on her gig at Copyblogger. It's precisely because of all the things this woman has taught me that I knew I needed to have her on Smart Women Conversations. Each week I try to offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of a smart successful woman who knows more than we do, someone who is willing to share and offer advice, and Pamela delivers fantastically.

We talk about the differences between working online and working offline. I learn about strategy and tactics, two things I always struggle with, and then we go deeper into a discussion of content creation - how to keep it from overwhelming you and how to be choosy about the content you consume as well as the content you create.

A Woman in Mid-Life

Pamela tells us on her website that she's "a woman in mid-life who dares herself to try new things and keep growing year after year." If you visit her about page she will tell you she loves serving people in mid-career as a devoted business coach and online educator. You can take it from me that her online educator work is invaluable. She brings years of experience and a lifetime (if we count lifetimes in cat years - watch the video, you'll get it then) of content creation and teaching to everything she does.

Like myself, Pamela considers herself a bit 'different' because she came to the online business world a bit later in life than many others. Yet, her offline life gave her more experience to tap into, and gave her confidence to do things online that others seemed afraid to do. You need no more proof that this is a video you don't want to miss. But wait! There's more!

Pamela Wilson booksEver a woman after my own heart, I am delighted to share that Pamela has published three books (after thinking she “wasn’t a writer”); has spoken on stages around the US (after thinking she was “too petrified to do public speaking”); and has delivered hundreds of live presentations to thousands of online learners (after thinking she “could never present live on the internet!”). (all of that is stolen from her about page - study it - the about page - it's a good one to emulate) 

The two books we talk about in the video, and which are displayed here, are tools you should have in your toolbox for this year. They go together, like bread and butter, or soup and sandwich, or pencil and paper.

2020 is Pamela's 10th anniversary online. This year, as in every year, she "is determined to show up as the best version of herself because she wants people in her age group to see that you can build an online business you love while feeling clear and confident every step of the way."

ANNOUNCEMENTS: [note: this post is going live online Jan 9, 2020 - act accordingly]

Free webinar from Pamela, coming Jan. 23: you  heard it here first!

The Content Profit Formula: 3 Quick Ways Create Successful Content in 2020 (Even If You’re ‘Not a Writer’)

Focus Finder Quiz, to discover your business building stage:

The Free Online Business Roadmap for 2020 (one of my favorites!)

Now, enjoy your video.



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