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January 2020

Perhaps you've never heard of "Food Codes". I certainly hadn't. When I met Lana and we talked a bit before the show, I was immediately put at ease and attracted to her nurturing focus. Of course I was! Nurturing is how we should be treating each other every day! Little did I know, until she taught me in this conversation, that we also need to nurture our gut, our brain, our extremities - our entire body, by eating better. Read more →

There are those who will tell you work is play. Or, if it isn't, that you should be doing something else. Here's a more current thought - did you play with building blocks as a kid? Did your kids play with building blocks? What about those all popular inter-connecting building blocks? You know the kind, the ones that are so colorful and today also can help kids create super heroes and cars and fire stations and more. Read more →

What I didn't realize, until many years later, is that I never left the old me behind. Where would I have put her? In the closet? She would not have endured that well, she objects to small spaces. In the corner of my bedroom? That would have been spooky! Read more →

Her series of Pug Fairy Tales not only delight children, they are great for a chuckle and a trip down memory lane for those of us who remember reading fairy tales as a kid. I was big into fairy tales, so these books make me smile for more reasons than just their whimsical content.  Read more →

If you're cringing a bit, if your hackles are up because if you ever do write a book it's going to be "your" book, not anybody else's book, calm down. Get a drink of water. Co-authors are a good thing. The key is to find the right co-author. And to establishing responsibility. Read more →

Our friendship goes back to BlogPaws and before, when I followed her on her gig at Copyblogger. It's precisely because of all the things this woman has taught me that I knew I needed to have her on Smart Women Conversations. Each week I try to offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of a smart successful woman who knows more than we do, someone who is willing to share and offer advice, and Pamela delivers fantastically. Read more →

When Elaine Rau found herself without a job, a home, and in a strange country with little or no job opportunities in front of her, she realized she had to create her own future and learn how to make money. With only $12.18 in her pocket, she made the decision to invest in a domain name, Ladybossblogger, and grabbed her future by the shirttails and made things happen. Read more →