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Let's Throw Our Diets Out the Window and Use Food Codes Instead

_smart woman  conversation with Lana Nelson Food Codes author

by Yvonne DiVita

Was your New Year's Resolution to start a diet - a real diet? A diet as in, "I'm going to lose 20 pounds this year!"?

It was for some. I think secretly, it was a silent resolution for many. 

In this Smart Women Conversations talk with Lana (from Montana) Nelson, we expose and bomb the heck out of that word diet. Because it was NEVER meant to be what we think of it as now. In fact, don't we treat it as a 'cuss' word - it is four letters, right?

Our conversation is full of story, and memories of our childhood, and excitement at learning new skills that Lana knew she could use to help others be more healthy and learn to make healthy choices in life. Yes, even with our diet.

And we don't use that word lightly! This woman will definitely change how you think and feel about food. The whole foods discussion alone is worth your time to watch.

Food codes by lana nelson food intuitivePerhaps you've never heard of "Food Codes". I certainly hadn't. When I met Lana and we talked a bit before the show, I was immediately put at ease and attracted to her nurturing focus. Of course I was! Nurturing is how we should be treating each other every day! Little did I know, until she taught me in this conversation, that we also need to nurture our gut, our brain, our extremities - our entire body, by eating better.

We've talked nutrition before. I push you to eat better. But this video will inspire you. To get her book and learn more. Is it for you - Food Codes? I can't say. I can only ask that you give it a chance. Get the book. Connect with Lana on social. Be active in your own health, for golly's sake!

Let me give you a sneak peak - at 6:58 we talk about oranges and orange juice and why one is consider a whole food and one isn't. Not hard to figure out, however, the talk goes into a more detailed explanation of whole foods, which is just the tip of the iceberg of this truly educational look at our eating habits in America.

All of us are out to change the world, aren't we? We gutsy women of the 21st century, full of determination and fierce conversations, we want a better world.

While we're doing that, while we're out conquering the world, Lana is working with clients (maybe you should be one?) to improve their eating habits and learn which foods are really good for them! Because you can't conquer the world on an empty stomach, or a stomach bloated with gas because you forgot to use the Food Codes to make sure lunch was going to be good for you!

It's time for whole body thinking. Not thinking, "I'm so busy today, but I have to have something for lunch or my stomach will ache all afternoon, I'll just stop at <the first fast food joint> I see." Instead of that, maybe you put a protein bar in your purse or bring fruit and cheese and crackers with you. I mean, if your Food Codes allow.

Lana has such a unique view of diet and eating and how it truly does affect our overall health, I urge you to share this with friends and experiment with the Food Codes yourself. She uses Food Codes on her whole family. So, you can do this with your husband, your wife, your kids, and even... yep, even your pets! OMG!

BTW, in addition to being a Certified Emotion and Body Code consultant, she's also a Reiki Master Teacher. How can you not want to watch this video now? We need more Lana's in the world, but for now, we have this one and I am grateful for her.

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thank you for information. i will tell to my wife about this. she is in diet now but still not success

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