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Pet Fashionista Laurren Darr Brings Pet Fashions to Life

Smart woman  conversation with Laurren Darr leftpaw press

Laurren Darr has a unique approach to life. She's a pet fashionista. She dresses up her pugs and has created a business around helping other pet people dress up their dogs. It's all part of a pet fashion focus. And, having a Sunday Summit. You have to watch the video to learn what that is and why you might want one.

You may laugh, and you may say you would never, but don't diss the rest of us. Some of us love putting our Pugs and Boston Terriers and even German Shepards, in tutus.

All right, maybe not tutus. But maybe.

The story here is what's important. The story of Laurren Darr and her creation of LeftPaw Press - which has won awards from the Dog Writers Association of America.

It's about taking something you love and turning it into a business. It's about having a passion for something tangible and taking that passion to the world. Laurren believes pet fashion designers belong right up there with all the big name designers we people buy. It's not enough for her to have started the Pet Fashion Guild, she wants pet fashion designers recognized to the level of having their designs paraded on the catwalk at any fashion show. 

Honestly, what's wrong with that? Nothing! It sounds amazing and I think it's about time.

Pug Fairy Tales 

Laurren tells us she has been dressing her dogs up for most of her life. It's not just for fun - it was and still is a way to create that human-animal bond which is so important to those of us who love our pets. While you and I were dressing up our Barbies, Laurren was dressing up her little rescue pug. And loving every minute, even though she was probably regarded as the 'strange girl' in the neighborhood.

Her series of Pug Fairy Tales not only delight children, they are great for a chuckle and a trip down memory lane for those of us who remember reading fairy tales as a kid. I was big into fairy tales, so these books make me smile for more reasons than just their whimsical content. 

Books by Laurren Darr

Understand that this all came about as a result of Laurren's son (who races cars now - real cars, not matchbook cars) encouragement to write a book about the old-fashioned nursery rhymes she would tell him as a child, substituting the names of their pug dogs. 

He thought it was hilarious to make fun of Inky & Sarge and Benji in that way. Then, one day, he said, “Mommy, you should write a book with these rhymes in it.” I thought to myself, “Hmmm…. Would creating a book interest him enough to want to read and stick with school?”

What followed was a yearly pug book, including the 25 books created in 2019. And, the Pet Fashion Guild where the mission is:

The mission of the Pet Fashion Guild is to inspire, innovate, and invigorate professionals in the pet fashion industry.  We do that  by providing knowledge, resources, and opportunities to pet fashion professionals globally.  Our vision is to be the most highly regarded, thriving, go-to organization in the pet fashion industry through our one-of-a-kind knowledge-base, invaluable networking opportunities, and premier joint ventures that are of benefit to our membership.

It's a Business Folks, not a Hobby

While we do talk fashion, and pets, and the pet fashion guild - founded by Laurren - we also talk business. Women in business. How to manage all the things a Mom, business professional, and wife have to manage when creating a business that is run out of one's home. Like myself, and many of you, Laurren works her magic from  her home. It means she wears a variety of hats: publisher, writer, Mom, life coordinator, wife, grocery shopper, and so on.

One of the best pieces of advice in the conversation is this: Ladies, you don't have to go it alone. Laurren found other women to spend time with, to engage with, to be with; women who give of their time and energy to be there for her. As she is there for them. 

I'm here to say Laurren is there for you. I am there for you. We believe in building each other up, not tearing each other down.

Find Laurren's pug books and more here at Leftpawpress

The Pet Fashion Guild is found at this link. 

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Enjoy the video. Share a picture of your dog in an outfit from ... any holiday. Just share. 




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