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Smart woman  conversation with ladybossblogger Elaine Rau

This week we hear from a young woman who, when faced with adversity, refused to let it stand in her way.

When Elaine Rau found herself without a job, a home, and in a strange country with little or no job opportunities in front of her, she realized she had to create her own future and learn how to make money. With only $12.18 in her pocket, she made the decision to invest in a domain name, Ladybossblogger, and grabbed her future by the shirttails and made things happen.

Be A Lady Be a Boss Be a Blogger

There she was, working in sales and doing okay for herself. In the wedding industry. A big industry very popular online, as all of you will know if you've ever attended a wedding in the last 15 years. Weddings are and have been big business for more years than I can count, but once the world went online, I think the wedding industry exploded! 

Suddenly, amidst her success with her job in sales in the wedding industry, she lost a family member, had to leave her job (she will tell you why in the video), and moved to another country where she didn't even speak the language! It's a story full of angst and tears and determination. You know how much I love women who are determined!

This story only gets better and better. Learn how Elaine, over a short period of time, amassed a huge audience for her blog. She currently can brag that 150K watch over visit her blog, a number she grew in under 2 short years! Yes, with that comes success, but there is more. There is something Elaine reveals in the video - about trust, about social media automation, about Instagram (are you doing Instagram? Me, either. We have got to get on that train!), and about learning a lesson. 

The lesson is, "Time freedom is a responsibility."

If the term 'time freedom' is not in your vocabulary yet, it will be. It should be.

This story is more important this year than every before. This is 2020! This is the year YOU can make things happen, too. It's a pivotal year in history, I think. A year that many will compare to all other times, before and after.

Watch and listen as Elaine takes us through her exciting journey from $12 in her pocket, to making a living as a blogger, and hiring a team to help manage her growing business. It's something many of us 'dream' of, but you'll learn in the video that dreams only come true with hard work.

That dreams are inspiration and to make the dream real, one needs to learn, study, work, and even accept the occasional setback or two.

All Smart Women Conversations help teach or reveal or inspire, in some way. This one is no different - but this one comes with opportunities. You must visit Elaine's Ladybossblogger site and check out her courses. Hey, there's one for Instagram! 

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