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Founder of Business Networking app Meetpreneur® Talks Life and Business

Smart women conversations shahrina ankhi-krol feb 2020

by Yvonne DiVita

In this Smart Women Conversations chat, business lawyer, Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, and I talk about life as an entrepreneur when you're still growing both your business practice and your family. This woman has been there and done that and truth be told, she is still doing it. She is a Mom to two small children and a successful lawyer, as well as an entrepreneur. She knows how we work, or how we want to work, and sometimes, she knows how we should work! From a legal viewpoint, that is. I love how she describes it in her opening paragraph, on her homepage:

...top-rated, well-known New York City law firm that helps individuals to turn their dreams of starting and maintaining a successful business into reality. AKL believes in proactive measures to legally safeguard business assets in order to prevent avoidable pitfalls.

I learned something new in this conversation with her. I learned she once wanted to be an archaeologist. She attended two archaeological digs, over two summers. It's not hard to picture her doing so. She's both curious and focused when something attracts her attention, and what can be more exciting for a young woman (her dig was years ago and though she is still young and beautiful, she talks about that time with fond reflections in her eye) than to be offered a chance to learn more about the history of the world we live in?

To actually touch and feel the past, perhaps. To travel to places most of us will only see on the Travel channel.

That's just part of what I love about Shahrina.

What you will love is how she shares her story, how she take us on her journey from archaeology to law. And how life as a student studying law is be more difficult than most of us realize. We know studying law isn't easy, but listen to Shahrina tell you a surprising part of that, halfway through the talk.

It's taken time, but her boutique practice in NYC is successful and she has been awarded the distinction of being the Rising Star Super Lawyer for 5 consecutive years!

I asked her about all of that. I know life as an entrepreneur is stressful, what about life as a lawyer working with entrepreneurs! Especially when that life also includes the title Mom to two small children. While she said her husband helps, they have no other family nearby to offer a helping hand. 

Working from home is a bonus, although as an attorney she tells us she must maintain an office. That means she does the commute thing on a regular basis (in NYC no less!) and always wants to make the best of use of her time. Which led her to create an app to make sure she wasn't sitting at a lunch table waiting for a meeting that suddenly wasn't going to happen.

Enter her new app Meetpreneur® - "a groundbreaking location-based business networking app that connects you with entrepreneurs from all industries, anywhere, anytime – around the corner or at a business convention."

Watch our conversation to learn the behind the scenes details on creating this app. Oh how we think things will be easy and then they are not!

And, learn how Shahrina never lets 'no' or 'don't do that' or even minor setbacks keep her from completing something once she's set her mind to it. She's just like a lot of other women who want to become entrepreneurs. She's full of big ideas but over time, she's learned that you must be fluid in your expectations! You can have it all, just not all at once.

Visit the Meetpreneur® site and download the app today! 
Learn more about Shahrina's Legal Practice here 

Ready to be bold and daring and write a book this year? I'm all about bold, brazen, wayward, and wild. Sometimes we women have to be all of that to succeed. And you have it in you, just like Shahrina. Email me, let's talk!

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