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Is There a Blind Spot in Conversational Real Estate? And Do YOU Have One?

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Welcome to this week's Smart Women Conversations with Yvonne DiVita and serial entrepreneur Holly Buchanan.

This discussion will open your eyes, ladies, to the blind spots we have in life and business. And, Holly shares some thoughts on recognizing them so you can deal with them. 

We all have a blind spot. Most of us are woefully unaware of it, or we have convinced ourselves it's not a big deal. Watch and learn - because Holly is not fooling around here - this is serious content for women (and men) who get it - who know they're missing something in their discussions with prospects and even with clients. 

The biggest deal here - Holly's book titled Selling Financial Services to Women - What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised to Learn.

As soon as I saw her title, I knew had to have her on the show. Of course, as you'll discover, she's not someone I met and became a fan of recently. I've known Holly since her The Soccer Mom Myth  days. Yes, that was her first book. Co-authored by another friend, Michele Miller. You should check it out.

Our conversations, on Smart Women Conversations videos, are for women mostly. I find that women always ask the best questions about starting a business or writing a book, and I try to help them on their journey by talking with women like Holly. The uplifting, insightful advice shared on these talks are mostly meant for those women who are out there asking those questions, but if you're a man, we don't discriminate. Come join in!

This talk is full of serious advice, ladies! We focused primarily on blind spots:

  • How to discover yours.
  • How to find your "credibility lens" and learn how it affects how people see you.
  • How your lens affects how you see others.
  • And how to use our lens to understand how other people see us.

Learn more about conversational real estate at the 8 minute mark. It's especially for smart, fast talking women. The question is - how smart is a 'fast talking' woman (or man, for that matter, but Holly does say out loud that there is a double standard still, between successful women and successful men) in the context of business?

Can you talk too slow or too fast, when you're presenting a speech? When you're talking to prospects? When you're answering the question, "So, what do you do?"

Maybe. Maybe not. Watch and learn.

We end this with a short description of her new book, release date later this year, STOP GETTING TRIGGERED - Keep Your Cool, Win Respect and Increase Influence Using Verbal Aikido. So, who doesn't want that book right now? I want it. I'm going to get it and have Holly back on to talk about it. 

Learn more about Holly Buchanan and Buchanan Marketing here 

Get a copy of her Selling Financial Services to Women here 

Subscribe to the Smart Women Conversations on our YouTube Channel for weekly fun, informative, and insightful conversations with smart women, like Holly, from all over the world.

Learn more about what I do at Nurturing Big Ideas (hint: it's about helping you succeed faster and better this year!) 

Enjoy this illuminating look into our blind spot and how women should learn to own more conversational real estate.

See you next week! 



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