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Online Business Marketing with Ellen Finkelstein

_smart women conversations Ellen Finkelstein  feb 2020

This Smart Women Conversations video with Change the World Marketing's Ellen Finkelstein, entrepreneur, author, and online business marketer, shares so much good advice it could almost be a webinar, all by itself.

Ellen's journey began when she wrote a 1200 page book, quite a long time ago. You can learn what that book was in the video. She talks about how it got her started and what she learned from creating it. If you're not impressed by someone writing a 1200 page book, what does impress you? When you learn what the book is, you will be even more impressed!

Ellen knew where to take her talents, how to pivot when she needed to, and what to do to create her successful online business. I met her through a Google search. We talk about that in the video because it's a true, genuine, honest way to meet professionals and experts online.

Ellen's book, 13 Steps To An Online Business was among the top ten search results and it was exactly what I was looking for. I downloaded the book, read it, and decided to see if Ellen would be on the show. The rest, as they say, is history. Because...

I got her on the show.

This insightful conversation shares online business strategy, various ways to make money online, how your work, the value you bring, will build your reputation and help you become the successful entrepreneur you've been dreaming of becoming.

Ellen even tells us that women have an advantage online because we get the "social" part of it. We're natural born networkers - even when we don't think we are! We do well in groups and where better to group and chat than online, today? I know many of you are in Facebook groups (are you in mine? Smart Women Write Books - all about women, books, and reading? Do join!), and many of you use other social channels to build and grow your reach throughout the web. 

Women connecting online is a natural activity, but if you're trying to grow a business, you need to be strategic about your online activity and this video tells you how!

The web is full of opportunity. Businesses can thrive, online. In our talk, Ellen gives advice on understanding the process of building your audience or fan base and connecting with folks you can partner with, as I did here, with her.

This is a new world. A world that has opportunities for anyone willing to put in the work, provide the value, grab her share of success using her special, unique big idea. You can reach people from across the world, using the web, today.

At 21 minutes in, there is a nugget of advice you don't want to miss. Check it out.

Oh, I almost forgot - Ellen talks about using autoresponders and webinars and learning to promote yourself and I push her a bit to explain, because we don't all know about things like that. But we should!

Find Ellen (and advice on power point

Visit her at Change the World Marketing and sign up for her freebies! 

I'd love to help you this year - write a book, build a business - tap into Nurturing Big Ideas and visit my Books & Programs page

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