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The book carries an important message for today's everyday revolutionary - those of us who advocate for equal pay, and equal treatment under the law. One of my favorite parts is in Chapter 4 Getting Into (and out of) the Government. On page 101, we read about Erin Vilardi, founder of VoteRunLead, an organization dedicated to training women to run for office at any level. Read more →

Lisa never let the family problems hold her back. The third child in a family of four children, she has more stories of life growing up confused, than most. Weren't we all confused as kids? But this is different. This is confusion from being in a home torn by alcoholism. Perhaps something more. Whatever it was, the choice Lisa made was to get through it, get beyond it, and somehow, get over it.  Read more →

You want inspiration - stories of how to get from here to there? I know you like stories. We have stories and more in this week's video. Join me in this Smart Women Conversations with the over the top personality, Lonnee Rey, of 2020 Story Coaching and Facilitator of Great People and Products as she takes us beyond our nervous nellie worries to get the boulders off our shoulders and rocks out of our socks! Read more →

In our video, we share thoughts on emotional intelligence (do women really have more of it than men?), how being uncomfortable gets you further ahead than resting on your laurels, how Joanne helps you learn to Stop, Pause, Think, and Now Action! I asked Joanne about the pause concept quite a bit. What is it? Why is it important? Is it more than just a quick breath, and on we go? Read more →