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The Brand Mother of Self Marketing Lonnee Rey: Writing it Makes it Real

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Shed the Nervous Nelly

You love to laugh? I know you love to laugh. This woman will make you laugh.

You love to learn? I know you love to learn. This woman will make you learn.

You want inspiration - stories of how to get from here to there? I know you like stories. We have stories and more in this week's video. Join me in this Smart Women Conversations with the over the top personality, Lonnee Rey, of 2020 Story Coaching and Facilitator of Great People and Products as she takes us beyond our Nervous Nelly worries to get the boulders off our shoulders and the rocks out of our socks!

Stop Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Lonnee loves the underdog. It's in her DNA to support underdogs. She talks of "The Big Yes" and drops some names (Mark Victor Hanson of Chicken Soup fame, anyone?). The story of the pink envelopes is a must! You have to hear it.

The story of her 7 minute podcasts is astonishing!

The story of how she's a wallflower, like many of us, but she refuses to stay in the shadows, is tremendously inspiring!

She shares the story of a dark childhood that almost consumed her. It's a story some of us know well, or know of from those we love having endured it. It's a story worth sharing because we were not meant to stay in the shadows - we were all meant to shine!

I love how this woman shares her deepest secrets, brings true authenticity to her approach to life and business, and how she believes we are here not to find ourselves, but to create ourselves. It's finding that "special sauce" - which  you can access information about on her website. Go on, you know you want to visit it.

I love how this talented woman refuses to let society dictate how she feels about life - just check out her podcast: Mid-Life My Ass, I'm Just Getting Started! Yes, she's wearing her own T-shirt, just as I used to wear my Dickless Marketing T-shirt - with pride and purpose and just a little whimsy, I think.

Sizzle Snap Crackle and POP!

This conversation is electrifying. You can see we went longer than usual. That happens when the good stuff just keeps coming!

Talk about spiritual pursuits! We have it here!

Talk about how writing it down makes it real! It's here!

Talk about variety being the spice of life (and what does that really mean?), we have it here!

Lonnee says, "Awareness + Acceptance +action and action = Change." I'm ready to make changes in my life and business. I'm ready to electrify my purpose. Are you?

You do not want to miss anything in this video. You do not want to keep it to yourself. You want to watch it again and again - and be nice to your friends, share this link with them!

Lonnee Rey can be found at her website where she tells us: "You need to have an angle if you want to have an edge!" 

Mid-Life My Ass I'm Just Getting Started

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Now, back to our video. Enjoy.


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