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The Unstoppable Woman: Joanne Grobbelaar - and Her New Podcast: All-In

Smart women conversations Joanne Gobbelaar march 2020

Joanne Grobbelaar of the All-In Podcast

In this most delightful conversation, I get to share and learn and laugh and experience joy. I know you will too, as you watch.

Smart Women Conversations with Yvonne DiVita presents The Unstoppable Woman: Joanne Grobbelaar - and her new All-In podcast that "talks to brilliant businesswomen and enlightened men."

In our video, we share thoughts on emotional intelligence (do women really have more of it than men?), how being uncomfortable gets you further ahead than resting on your laurels, how Joanne helps you learn to Stop, Pause, Think, and Now Action! I asked Joanne about the pause concept quite a bit. What is it? Why is it important? Is it more than just a quick breath, and on we go?

What she taught me are strategic ways to pause, to bring it into both my business communication and my out of office life, you know, with family and friends. Pausing allows silence and while silence is sometimes scary, it can also be enlightening.

Just Gladiate!

I love that Joanne created a new word: gladiate, a concept she radiates, all by herself. You need to watch to learn what she means by that word. It may not be what you think.

Like most of us, Joanne wasn't handed anything on a silver platter. No one said, Hey, she looks like the best gal for this project, let's get her. She shares her stumbling blocks and her deep appreciation of her grandmother, who perhaps helped teach her how to be unstoppable - a force to be reckoned with, because her grandmother learned early on that life doesn't hand you roses, you have to grow them yourself.

Learn more about self-awareness and self-regulation and how we, as women, could do well to learn these tools better. Yes, women are problem solvers, but so are men. I always know my husband will dive into whatever I tell him I'm having an issue with, feet first, all in, because that's what he does. He fixes things.

But women, women look at the bigger picture and want to know more about the problem, before we try to solve it. I love how this conversation revolves around the power women have, and how we can use our power, but not in ways that exclude men. After all, they have power, too! The conversation is more a distinct way women have of looking at the world; as if it's all wound up like a ball of yarn that's been pawed by a cat. There are frayed edges and lose strings, and tightly wound pieces that might snap at any moment.

Unraveling that ball of yarn

Be more intentional. That's one of the lessons here. Look at that ball of yarn, and your power to unravel it, or not, and be intentional about what you'll do with your share of it, once you've grabbed off a piece. Because you should be grabbing for a piece of it. Why not? 

You'll get more out of this video if you watch it with undivided attention. I know you're like me. You sometimes put a video or podcast on and go off and do other things. I might read email or write a note on LinkedIn while watching/listening to someone on a podcast. (which makes me rewind again and again, so, I'm beginning to feel I shouldn't do that!)

But, for today, for Joanne's video, don't be distracted. Sit down and relax. Have a cup of tea handy. Make sure you have pen and paper (no keyboards, please...the clacking will be too distracting), and plan to take notes. Listen, laugh, enjoy.

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Find Joanne at her website. Click this link.

Learn more about her All In podcast. Click this link.




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Joanne Grobbelaar

Yvonne - THANK YOU for having me on your show. It's such a privilege. I can not wait to return the favour.
Be well,

Laura Selby

This is fabulous!!! So inspiring, THANK YOU ladies!

Yvonne DiVita

Joanne, this was truly outstanding. Your voice in our chaos is a breath of spring air inviting us to pause and gladiate in our humanness. We are, after all, here to be the best human we can be.

Yvonne DiVita

Laura, thank you for commenting. You provide such a valuable service to those of us in small business. If I can be of service to you, at any time, in any way, let me know. I hope you'll share Joanne with everyone you know. She's worth getting to know, wouldn't you say?

Mallory Whitfield

Two fab women! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Melissa Ellis

Here’s to being UNSTOPPABLE!!! Thank you both for your insight. I could listen to Joanne’s amazing advice all day long!!

Helene Scott

Unstoppable indeed. The power of intention is simply amazing! And I love your story about sailing Joanne - just amazing!

Judith Wilkinson

Thank you for both for this inspirational conversation - I love the pause concept!

Sarah Robinson

Great podcast, inspiring, upbeat and positive. Jo's my coach and she's amazing - has helped me transform my business. Xx

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