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Think BIG Do BIG Be BIG with Dana Ohana

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Smart Women Conversations brings you

South Africa, Cape Town professional, Dana Ohana who consults with people ready to Think Big Do Big Be Big, because why be small?

Dana brings a unique story to our show. She tells the story of traveling from Israel to South Africa, on a job offer, though she had many fears of learning English (though they are exposed to English in Israel, they do not use it on a daily basis and she knew it would be a challenge for her in her new country), as well as of just moving so far away from her family. Especially Mom. (Dad was a little reluctant to let his girl go, but off she went and he came around, as all Dads do.)

When Mom took ill, Dana was travelling from South Africa to Israel regularly and did so until her mother passed. It was then that her 'big idea' came to her. To start her own business. To teach others how to Think Big Do Big Be Big. And a consulting brand was imagined and created!

I love how Dana shares openly, stories about her life, her ideas, and how she came to work with clients on the concept of Think Big. Do Big. Be Big. Her assertion that we need not be small is so true! 

Be a Community - Learn to Collaborate

One of the best things about Dana is her attention to community and collaboration. Watch to learn how she is recently collaborating with another woman - one she just met online. It's what I tell everyone to do! 

Favorite quote? It's a good one: from Vigor Borge - "The shortest distance between two people is a smile." 

Watch the video to learn Dana's uplifting story about her journey from one place to another, and not just in miles across the planet.

Learn how she came to believe the Event + the Reaction = Your Outcome.

Learn why her friends, when asked what brand she is, said Coca Cola. Wonderful story! Very bubbly!

Learn how she acknowledged her fear, and moved forward to become the entrepreneur she is. Dana has much to teach us, in this short video.

Self-talk - the Story of You

If nothing else, learn from this video that the story you are telling is immensely important to you as well as to whomever you are speaking. Ask  yourself, "Am I happy with the story I am telling?" 

Bear through the first few minutes, where we only hear her lovely voice as the picture is frozen. The video will correct itself quickly. As with any online activity, the show must go on, and go on it did. With storytelling full of insight and inspiration. 

Don't forget to share Dana with friends. We all need to hear this woman's story and how she is doing after 21 days (at the time of the video) in lock down in Cape Town, South Africa. 

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