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5 Principles To Managing Time and Money with Thought Leader Vicki Wusche

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Meet Vicki Wusche

She's a thought leader who has gone from single mother on limited income, to successful property investor, business owner, international speaker and author. and so much more, as you will learn here.

Alongside her significant portfolio Vicki runs a successful business sourcing property for other investors and a second that draws on her skills as a former University Lecturer to teach people how to grow their business, whether property, retail or service led.

All of that description applies to the 'former' Vicki, from earlier this year - before what we now call the time of corona. I would have even told you she's one of the top 25 most influential people in property investment according to the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Now, at this moment in time, what we did before is not as important as the thoughts, skills and experience we can share with others now. So, let's talk now.

Happy and Healthy

Let's talk happy, healthy retirement. I know, it's rather like sleep walking into an uncertain future for some of us - something many of us are too familiar with as we wake each day and wonder if anything has changed. Is spring really budding out our windows or are we remembering a time when the leaves were green and the flowers bloomed and the air smelled fresh and we went to the beach to put our toes in the sand?

You're not just remembering. It's happening. Mother Nature never sleeps.

The thing is, this is a different time. A time maybe for reflection. Will you enjoy it as much as you might? As much as you possibly could? And, what will you do, this spring, this 'found time'? Note here:  we have a lively discussion about the construct of time, also.The-Wealthy-Retirement-Plan-Vicki-Wusche

This is where I recommend Vicki's book The Wealthy Retirement Plan: a revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style . It's a new tulip in your garden, or a new leaf on that oak outside your window. It's a new conversation about an old topic, designed help you find peace with your 'found time'. 

Let's discuss.

I'm quite sincere in saying her book is a must read for we ladies (and gents, but you know I favor the ladies) and this book is a treasure full of jewels and precious metals (or shoes, if you like shoes better) and ideas. About retirement. About life. About living longer and staying solvent.

We ladies sometimes let our men friends (husbands, brothers, sons, whomever) do the math things in our lives. I know I do. If you get this book, I promise you will be able to participate in those math retirement conversations without getting cross-eyed.

I'm here to get rather pushy about the whole "where do we go from here" idea, since we're all going to the same place - down the road, so to speak. We might go at different paces, but we're going. It behooves us to look at what Vicki has to teach us.

In her book you will learn to:

  • Open your eyes to financial challenges you might not have thought about, yet.
  • Read about her explanation of new ways of thinking about money and finances.
  • Create a non-traditional retirement plan
  • Enhance entrepreneurial skills to help acquire the three bullets above.
  • Start having more fun, as soon as possible.

Do I have your attention now?

Vicki tells me she's "here to serve the world." I think all of us should be, also. It's the only world we've got. If we don't serve it, what happens to it? It disintegrates. Not good.

In Chapter 7 of her book, Give Time a New Meaning in Your Life, Vicki reminds us that we may live an extra twenty to forty years AFTER retirement. It's almost a given, isn't it? That living longer thing? I like that she says, "Let's retire the words 'retire' and 'retirement'."

In our conversation, about all of that and so much more, we covered how to"shape your future" and how we are all trading time for money, so shouldn't we be more thoughtful about that? That trade? This is where "mortality moments" comes in, about seven minutes in. 

Overall, Vicki shares the 5 Principles it behooves each of us to learn. Here they are (you get far more detail in the video, so watch it - do!):

  1. Be clear about what you want. If you didn't have to work to pay bills, what would you do?
  2. Take control of your time and your money. (watch the video to learn how - or read the book!)
  3. Look at your resources: knowledge, experience, connections...
  4. Leverage your resources.
  5. Determine your legacy.

This one went a bit long. Appropriately so. Leave a comment below. Buy the book and write a book review on Amazon.

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